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Are elites wusses?

Show Profile  ecurb Posted: 8 June 2003, 11:11 AM  
Thanks to everyone for all your responses on my original question.

Based on this the EWT's I have proposed to the Southern 6 Day committee for M21E are:

Naseby Day 1 - 105 mins
Naseby Day 2 - 70 mins
Rest Day
Mt Ross score event Day 3 - 60 mins
Rest Day
Cuttance Day 4 - 70 mins
Rest Day
Waikaia Day 5 - 105 mins
Cuttance Day 6 - 70 mins

For everyone else course lengths are 100% for Days 1 & 5 and 90% for the remainder. That gives W21E EWT's of 70 mins and 65 mins if they can keep up with the M20A's and M35A's!

The reason for the M21E's having a 70 min EWT for 3 days is that if the girls can run 65 mins surely the boys can run 70 mins!

I'm also recommending that course 1 and 2 have 1:15,000 maps

Thanks again for the input.

Show Profile  Chris Forne Posted: 8 June 2003, 12:54 PM  
Sounds good. I'm already excited.


Show Profile  Greg Posted: 8 June 2003, 12:56 PM  
Doesn't look like you listened to everyone! still only 2 variations (apart from a score event) This program is still utter shit, You are going to lose good quality races as by the end of the week the Elites won't give a shit about running them all.

Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 8 June 2003, 1:26 PM  
Watch your poopy mouth.

I'll give a shit; Looks good Bruce.

Do some training Greg.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 8 June 2003, 1:31 PM  
Even thought I prob wont run elite, how about a 40min run on day two of naseby to satisfy greg, and to create a different racing environment. Other than that idea, looks good

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 8 June 2003, 2:11 PM  
Looks better Bruce.

But I agree that we should have a short (35-40) instead of one of the 70's for variation. I think the last day would be good, seeing as we'd have already been to that map.

As a side issue you think if the girls can do 65 the guys should be able to run 70. Unfortunatly that's not very relevent cos the girls run like girls, whilst the guys go hard for another 3km. Veterans and ladies don't mind classics cos they run like pansies...they don't navigate well enough to fatigue themselves...same with Stu Barr and Chris Forne.

Show Profile  fancy_michael Posted: 8 June 2003, 4:30 PM  
If you want a 40 min course during the week... run course 3 one of the days! Simple

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 8 June 2003, 11:58 PM  

Good to see a Score event victory over Lawson and Jessop going to your head Neil. If girls and veterans run like pansies, how come Marquita (a veteran girl) was only 3 points behind you yesterday?

Edited by - HeadHoncho on 9/06/2003 07:00:07

Show Profile  ecurb Posted: 9 June 2003, 3:16 AM  
Hey Greg........I'll say this as politely as possible....

I don't give a shit that you don't give a shit!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Show Profile  addison Posted: 9 June 2003, 2:16 PM  
From an outside perspective, I think this is a joke. At least half of people agree to course variation, and to be frank, removing half an hour off the EWT is not variation. Having a sprint race ie. 35 - 40 min EWT would be variation.

Bruce, people want this, why not do it. I know your trying to be 'staunch' and put Greg in his place, but what the hell is that going to achieve.

I know for one, if their was a sprintish race say Day Two at Naseby.... I would be entered in a flash. Reading maps at extreme speed is a different challenge for once, and in such a technical area such as Naseby, it would definetly split the boys from the men in terms of map reading.

So take a suggestion Bruce.

Show Profile  Alistair Posted: 9 June 2003, 4:26 PM  
Bruce>> I'd appreciate your views on what I wrote earlier about race-order. Was I just talking through my arse or did I miss something?

The winner on days 1 & 5 may do 105mins but there will be those last few in the field hitting the wall - they're going to feel just great going out the next day aren't they ?!

BTW: I will be in NZ during this time and there is no way I'm coming to an "Orienteering Carnival" holiday week with the layout you've given.

Show Profile  mark Posted: 10 June 2003, 2:37 AM  
Why? Cause you'd get your arse kicked?

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 10 June 2003, 8:04 AM  
I was refferring to day 4 and 6 being the same map. I haven't been there yet.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 10 June 2003, 8:20 AM  
man, and I got hassled for abuse on that over thread!

Hey, that sounds a lot like my suggestion except my 60's have been turned into 75's, I wouldn't underestimate the damage that last 15 does Bruce, to elites running hard...but if thats the call...and there's decent rest days

I'm particularly looking forward to the 105's on Naseby and Waikaia.....yeah. Hey 1:15,000 on Naseby? We like seeing detail to! I would stick to 1:10,000 for Naseby...the first time ever its available! Means you can plan the courses hard to...we like them super duper hard! As hard as the ground in Waikouaiti in mid summer.

Greg, watch yourself, it would be good if people did bring questions like this to MAPTALK more often. Thanks for doing so Bruce, it would be a shame if they left thinking we were largely arrogant elites, and wannabes. I would be surprised if Bruce recommends MAPTALK to his orienteering cronies around the country.

Like I said in another thread, the maptalk discussion forum doesn't decide issues that other people bring to is not some kind of appeallate court as you seem to make out.

Things have been changed for the better. We aren't running 6 105 minute classics...thank goodness for that!

Alistair, sometimes I get the impression you're on a different what you say boo and people jump? Although it does make sense perhaps reversing those lengths at Naseby?

Show Profile  Chris Forne Posted: 10 June 2003, 11:39 AM  
Oh no what has become of me. Since becoming a pansy orienteer, even I would like to see a short event for variation. I like the idea of a short and sprint event on the same day.

I'm also hoping the events will be technically difficult. Too many classics seem to turn into a running race. Why can't more classic or long races be technically challenging as well?


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