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Are elites wusses?

Show Profile  addison Posted: 20 May 2003, 3:39 PM  
Who is planning day two at Naseby? I want loops!

Show Profile  fancy_michael Posted: 20 May 2003, 7:48 PM  
Who is planning day two at Naseby? I want loops!

Ha ha... good to see the YODA Naseby Tour-de-O is remembered positively
I think that Jamie's proposal will result in good, fast, competition in the elite grades -while also providing enough distance to entice people to make the trip down south.
My question is... will changing the M21E EWTs, change the distances of the other courses? There also needs to be some consideration for W21E on course 2 (I assume suggestions for 105mins were only for M 21E)

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 20 May 2003, 8:47 PM  
I also like Jamies timetable but it is still based on Classic (slightly reduced classic) format. As Stu said why only have Classics, the World champs have a Classic as well as a Short, Sprint and Relay. This event will hopefully have a very good turn out and I see it as a good opportunity to have an ALL ELITE relay (plus one for everyone else), whats the point of having a superseries 'team competition' when it is just added individual performances.

A sprint would be another good thing to add and it sounds like it is in the planning so why not take one of the 60 minute races and make it a 25-30 short-o and have the sprint after it. We are still either racing 105 or 60 which hasn't added much more excitement to the whole week really.

This event has been advertised on the net under one of the biggest international O sites and if we get some very good international people here I'm sure they would be much more impressed with a program that has a mix of all distances rather than 2-3 105 min + 3-4 60 mins. (I'll get started on the 105 min issue another time)

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 21 May 2003, 12:03 PM  
An elite relay, good idea

Maybe super-series management would consider approaching DOC and trying to sort out a solution where instead of a score event at Mt Ross we have the first annual super series relay, format 2 men and a women per team, as many teams as possible.

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 21 May 2003, 5:13 PM  
It occured to me today that this isn't just an elite issue. Would I be right in thinking that the lengths of all the other red courses will be calculated as a standard % of course 1, rather than on their own winning times? Put it another way, careful Bruce, you might frighten off a few vets, juniors and A-short-wusses too.

Show Profile  Chris Forne Posted: 21 May 2003, 6:08 PM  
Four short days and three rest days, out of nine, I thought this was supposed to be an orienteering carnival not a picnic.


Show Profile  bendover Posted: 22 May 2003, 9:28 AM  
you go, tough guy!

Show Profile  Alistair Posted: 22 May 2003, 8:40 PM  
I didn't actually give an opinion earlier becasue I didn't know the program.

Firstly - read my suggestion/question about race ordering in the Technical section of the forum.

I think that over a peiod of 9 days in a multi-day event like this there should be no more than 2 full classic races and there should be a rest day after each of them (read the other posting to understand why).

All the other races should be combinations of sprints, shorts, or 60min races (short + sprint in one day is ok too).

Obviously the times mentioned above apply to M21 and other grades should be scaled accordingly.

This is an orienteering carnival - not an adventure race - rogaine - physical endurance test..... like numerous people have said earlier.

Show Profile  ecurb Posted: 23 May 2003, 8:37 AM  
Calm down Rob G!!

Who said I "stubbornly decided to stick to a row Classics. Why did you ask in the first place?"

The whole purpose of the question was to get feedback and we are getting that. In a couple of days and using the average feeling of the responses I will then approach the two Clubs concerned and ask if they want to change the format.

Show Profile  ACW Posted: 4 June 2003, 11:40 AM  
Lots of good ideas, valid points, and some strong points of view. Here's word from an old codger.

I'm all for mixing it up, but as part of a multiday lets steer clear of the 105minute EWT. (Chris you can run M21E and W21E each day if you want)

I suggest as a basis:
90 minutes for Naesby Day 1 and Waikaia
Score at Mt Ross
60 minutes for everything else - (althought one of these days could be replaced by a short and a sprint like the Sunday of Nationals)

105 day after day, even 90 day after day. What a turn-off. I agree with Bill.

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 5 June 2003, 11:22 AM  
Hopefully we are steering away from the 105 min classics, I agree with Bill and ACW.

Just another point, For the classic races we are going to have is there any chance of having a few of them on 1:15000 maps.

Hopefully it is not an unreasonable request. Would be a great change.


Show Profile  Melissa Posted: 5 June 2003, 12:21 PM  
It would be good if we see a few more maps at 1:15,000. After all, this is what the international standard is meant to be.

The NZOF Rules say:

15.1 Maps, course markings and additional overprinting shall be drawn and printed according to the IOF International Specification for Orienteering Maps. Deviations shall be approved by the NZOF Technical Committee.

15.4 The map scale for red and orange courses shall be 1:15,000 or 1:10,000. [1:15,000 scale is recommended for classic distance competitions in 21E classes and 1:10,000 scale is recommended for age classes 45 and above]

15.5 The map scale for White and Yellow courses shall be no greater than 1:10000 scale with 1:7500 or less recommended.

The IOF Specifications say:

The scale for an orienteering map is 1:15 000. Terrain that cannot be fieldworked at a scale of 1:7 500 and legibly presented at a scale of 1:15 000, is not suitable for international foot-orienteering.

Maps at 1:10 000 may be produced for relay and short distance competitions.

The scale 1:10 000 is recommended for older age groups (age classes 45 and above) where reading fine lines and small symbols may cause problems or for (age classes 16 and below) where the capacity of reading complex maps is not fully developed.

Show Profile  Alistair Posted: 5 June 2003, 5:41 PM  
With current printing technology (like colour laser-printers) and OCAD it's relatively easy to produce maps at different scales.

Show Profile  Chris Forne Posted: 5 June 2003, 6:57 PM  
Bo Ho Hooo, Chris needs at least one long event.

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 5 June 2003, 8:22 PM  
Sounds like: Yes, elites are wusses (except for Chris)!

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