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Someone got DSQ'd

Show Profile  Wetfish Posted: 3 May 2004, 2:45 PM  
Event Class Place Firstname Surname Club Result Credit EventDate
Canterbury Champs 2004 M16A 3 ***** PAPO 66.19 Mar 21 2004
South Island Challenge Event 1 2004 M16A ***** PAPO DNF Mar 20 2004
South Island Challenge Event 8 2003 M16A 2 ***** PAPO 46.19 Nov 23 2003
South Island Champs 2003 M16A 2 ***** PAPO 70.32 I Nov 22 2003
New Zealand Secondary Schools Champs 2003 BIC ***** RICC DNF Jul 18 2003
South Island Challenge 6 M14A 1 ***** WAY 28.42 Nov 03 2002

Some good results there - until you look at the competition.

I could find way worse. Infact I could find a lot better for those that didn't make it.

Show Profile  mark Posted: 3 May 2004, 3:27 PM  
Why did you star out the name.

It doesn't take much to find out that you are talking about Simon Bloomberg

Show Profile  jeffg Posted: 3 May 2004, 5:12 PM  
Neil, a slight point of correction on the Auckland champs re Thomas Reynolds winning his grade as well as the course. Course 3 fastest times were Mark McKenna on day 1 and me on day 2. Thought I may as well say this as we may never beat Thomas again :-)
Go the D Squad!

Show Profile  Wetfish Posted: 3 May 2004, 5:22 PM  
I guess that's what Neil was told...

Show Profile  Dave Mcc Posted: 3 May 2004, 5:52 PM  
Dude. This must be some kind of record for most replies and changes of topic. The only reason wetfish that I am not oing this year is because I have bilateral pas cavourus. This means that i ned to get bones fused, cut, twisted, bolted back together along with some tendons cut and stretched. In all I will be in cast for something along the lines of 12 weeks. After that physio and alot of recovery work. Got a problem with that excuse well tough, deal.

Yet you will notice I still attend events. I train my school team and I stay involved. My plan is to train hard and work hard. Thats part of being in the d squad. Train hard, work hard. Dont be a pussy hiding behind a fake name trying to get in through your sometimes valid comments on here.

Show Profile  Jenni Posted: 3 May 2004, 6:14 PM  
I repeat that I think it is very destructive to point out individuals and say they shouldn't be in the squad.

It is true I was asked by the selectors who I thought had the talent to be in the development squad. Because Georgia, Duncan, Simon and Daniel all came regularly to the weekly trainings, I knew them and I also knew that Carsten had been very impressed by how well all three boys raced in interval O sessions - he made specific comments about their strengths and weaknesses which I won't write here but his overall impression was they all showed a lot of talent and he thought they would be in equivalent squads in Denmark. So yes because of who they knew, or more specifically because I knew them because of what they do, they got into the squad. If I knew you wetfish, or anyone else for that matter, through coming to the trainings sessions we organize or otherwise and I had been impressed by your talent I would have recommended you as well when asked. The fact is the selectors can't be at every event and every training session to see who is putting in the commitment and showing the talent so they rely on asking others. I don't think there is anything wrong in this. Maybe they don't ask enough people but they try, I know that. So if you are completely unknown one has to ask why are you so unknown? Orienteering isn't such a large sport that talent goes unnoticed for very long. Hopefully Wetfish, you spend as much time on useful orienteering training as you seem to spend digging around on the internet in which case you are sure to impress us all with your performances and dedication soon, if you haven't already!




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