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JWOC Switzerland

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 19 June 2005, 2:50 PM  
10th - 16th July. Ross leaves tommorrow and the rest of the team follow shortly.

I'm inviting them, to keep us updated via this forum, on the preperations, trainings, warm up events, tan and happenings. So either wish them luck or stay tuned for updates from the Silva New Zealand Junior Orienteering Team.

As a reminder the team is
Ross 'all the goss' Morrison
Tessa 'leaves a messa' Ramsden
Rita 'no one can beat her' homes
Sarah 'don't you dear her' Gray
Simon 'a simple pieman' Addison
Lizzie 'in a tizzie' Ingham
Martin 'the Pistol' Peat
Tane 'University of' Cambridge
Emma 'what a delima' Watson

This message was edited by Neil K on 19 June 2005, 9:52 PM

Show Profile  Martin Posted: 20 June 2005, 10:11 AM  
Ross left this morning, and wasn't looking forward to the flight when I dropped him off.
Simon and I leave on Wednesday evening.
The remainder of the team (9 in total) leave on the 30th.

Simon, Ross and Martin's Itinerary:
10 days in Davos staying with Dieter Wolf up in the Swiss Alps. Weekend of 25/26 we are going to a middle distance on Saturday followed by the Swiss Relay Champs on Sunday(both events are near Zurich) - the three of us are using both events as practice. The remainder of the 10 days will be spent training at altitude, and sightseeing along the way I guess

We meet up with the rest of the team on 3rd July in Val di Non, Trentino, Italy and have two more warmup events - on the 4th and 5th. Team members are running M20, M18 and W18 at this event.

The team then travels together to Tenero on the northern tip of Lake Maggiore, Switzerland. From the 6th-10th there will be training in similar terrain to JWOC, probably with the Australians for part of the time.

Then its into the nitty-gritty stuff.

Followed by the party.

Then o-ringen.

Show Profile  mick finn Posted: 21 June 2005, 10:10 AM  
Good luck guys! Looking forward to hearing tales of daring deeds and bravery all round.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 21 June 2005, 12:06 PM  
Well I had my last exam yesterday, Physical Chemistry. All the preperation paid off as I went in there and creamed it.

As Martin has said, we fly out 2moro. Cant wait. Had a pretty hard week just been. The bottom side of my foot has been sore, and so I got a bit scared and decided to go to see the Dr (its free for me at uni). He put it down to a bruised bone in my foot caused by what he thought was overtraining, so have had to have an easy week this week on his orders.

Personally for me the buildup has been a major learning curve. Recovering from an injury is hard enough, but to have a deadline on that recovery is even more difficult. Every little setback (eg the foot thing) makes me anxious and stress but its ok. The support I have had is great and I thank you all for it. Im looking forward to learning more in the respect of how to manage my rehabilitation but also to learn lots and to get that much better in my orienteering.

But yeah thats enough from me, better keep packing!

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 21 June 2005, 12:33 PM  
kia kaha dudes, keep your heads high and give it death!

Show Profile  Alistair Posted: 21 June 2005, 12:51 PM  
Simon - go running in the water. No foot stress there and the you don't need to take such an easy week. And by the time you get here the lakes should be warm enough to continue if you must. Other wise it's just pain ;-P

Good luck to the rest of you and take it easy with the bingo boulders on big hill-sides!

Show Profile  Martin Posted: 21 June 2005, 3:40 PM  
Ross is on a bus to Lugano (Switzerland), there wasn't a camping ground easily accessible in Milan for him to stay at so is venturing closer to jwoc. He really didnt like the plane trip over.

Show Profile  Jenni Posted: 22 June 2005, 12:40 PM  
Don't complain about the flight until you've done it with a baby! It really isn't that bad, at least with my size legs, and the more you dread it the worse it is...

Anyway what I wanted to write is that I have Amber's sleeping mat that she wanted me to pass onto Ross at oringen but if he wants it earlier I can bring it to Italy (I think we have enough luggage allowance). Let me know by Friday.

I'll say good luck in person then - until then enjoy the training and start/keep practising the way you're going to run at JWOC!

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 22 June 2005, 2:21 PM  
Just drink the free booze - right Andrew

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 23 June 2005, 1:15 AM  
I will always enjoy that is free when you are travelling.

Booze, tickets to O Ringen party, meal tickets, camping, army bikes

Show Profile  Tane Cambridge Posted: 23 June 2005, 4:13 PM  
Here is the itinerary for the rest of the team leaving on the 30th of June.
Date Details
Thurs 30 June Auckland – Milan
Fri 1 July Arrive Milan
Travel to Valle di Non [4-6hrs]
Stay four nights
Sat 2 Training. Welcome Ceremony Italy 5 Day Event
Sun 3 Training. Model Event
Mon 4 Day 1 – Mendola – Ruffrè Start 9am
Tues 5 Day 2 - Monte Arsen Start 9am
After event travel [5-7hrs] to Casoro
Stay five nights
Wed 6 – Sat 9 Training on JWOC training areas
Sun 10 Move to JWOC Event Centre Accommodation in Tenero
1.30pm - Sprint Race commences
Mon 11 9.30am Model event
Tues 12 Middle distance qualification
Wed 13 Middle distance finals
Thurs 14 Long distance
Fri 15 Rest Day
Sat 16 Relay
Prize Giving
Sunday 17 Departure 6am & 9.30am for airport

From here I am traveling to O-Ringen along with Martin, Simon and Ross. I am not sure about the remaining team members plans.

Show Profile  Bryn Posted: 26 June 2005, 12:43 AM  
Heres guys results from Swiss Middle

Hopefully that link works, Andy and i are now off to run a 1/2 marathon in the lovely Wellington Wind and rain

Show Profile  addison Posted: 27 June 2005, 7:10 PM  
Hey everyone. This keyboard is whacked!

Arrived on Thursday night here in Switzerland.

Friday: 1.5hr hike/run. Hardout downhill all of us had sore legs for a few days because of it. Did a 1hr 10min exercise out on a map near Davos getting used to Swiss conditions. Did some route choice things for first 35mins, then did some 3or4 control little exercises on the flatter part of the map which was awesome.

Saturday: Travelled over to the pre alps and raced in middle distance. French JWOC team raced as well, ross got 6th and had a good run. Me and martin rad badly. Was very weird having black crosses meaning a root stock. Course was about 5.3km 220m climb

Sunday: Raced in Elites in the Swiss National Relays. They were hardout. Had like 150m climb basically at the start of the course. Ross won the 1st leg. Ross and Martin had 8.4km 350m climb. I had a slightly longer course 8.8km 390m climb. Ross about 65mins, Martin and I about 77/78mins. Got up to 38 degrees on my course my watch said. Very hot

Today: climbed Black Horn. About 3150m high. Had a cool as mission down through the snow back down sliding and stuff, but that soon ended as the rocks began to appear. 800m climb. About to go out and do another map exercise just on the other side of Davos on some nice terrain.

Plan for rest of week:
tomorrow help deiter with a local schools event, 500ppl. run in a running race around this lake 4km or 8km
wednesday going to some other area to do some technical stuff and maybe climbing some mountains or hills or something
thursday like a 7or8hr mission across the mountains, climbing a 3400m peak along the way. arriving in time for an orienteering event that evening to race as well.
friday going to one of switzerlands most technical maps probably. Similair to the WOC middle distance map.
saturday driving to italian 5day on the way stopping off and doing some orienteering exercises on cool maps.


Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 28 June 2005, 12:13 PM  
Hey Guys,

Sound like fun. Hey don't let Dieter kill you before the event. Even Chris said he was tired come the races at the last Swiss World Champs.

Perhaps more boozing and less tramping???


Except with out the Alcohol of course.

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 6 July 2005, 3:09 AM  
Has anyone found results from Italian 5 Day?

The official website is below, it is about as functional as the Lions backline.

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 6 July 2005, 5:30 AM  
No I have searched for results but found nothing. I can tell you that Ross is running well. He got 15th or so in the elite sprint (Carsten 6th) and he won the first day of H20 but six minutes to Martin.

Whats up guys.

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