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JWOC Switzerland

Show Profile  Marquita G Posted: 13 July 2005, 12:23 PM  
Well done, all of you! Fantastic runs Ross and Lizzie - just do the same in the final and the results will take care of themselves. All the best everyone!

Show Profile  Jenni Posted: 13 July 2005, 3:42 PM  
Well done, everyone! Looking forward to today's results.

The following is information for Simon, Martin, and Ross (not sure about Tane's travel plans?) to Swedish 5 days. Can you let me know if you get this information otherwise I will fax it - Neil do you have a fax number for the team?

Simon and Martin: Stockholm Arlanda Airport - Oringen Sunday afternoon.

I forgot exactly what time your plane gets in so here's a few possibilities. It's probably better with a bus because it's much cheaper but it takes about an hour longer (you also have to change with trains) (trains cost around 700 sek)

First get a bus from Arlanda to Stockholm central, they go every 10 minutes and it costs 79 sek for adults and 59 sek for students (ISIC card or try NZ card if you don't have and ISIC). It takes 45 minutes. The train is quicker, 20 minutes, but it's about twice the price so you can decide based on trying to get the following buses from the central terminal (where you'll be dropped from the flygbuss and about 5-10 minutes walk from the central train station).

15:15 - 19:05
16:45 - 21:30
18:30 - 23:00
22:50 - 03:25 (03:30 there's two buses leaving at this time and one's 5 minutes quicker)

The arrival time is to Jönköping which is about 30km north of the Oringen camping ground. We're staying in an apartment in Jönköping and I could drive you down to the camping ground if you want or if you are on one of the late buses you are welcome to stay on the floor in our apartment (it sounds big - and actually I've just read that the couches in the lounge are comfortable to sleep on so you might not even be on the floor...) and we can take you to event in the morning. Can you txt? If so our mobile number is +46 709265772 or 0709265772 if ringing from within Sweden.

If you are after 18:30 you might prefer the train even if it is more expensive? - there's only one that after then it leaves 20:15 and gets in at 23:35

Ross: Copenhagen - Oringen Monday morning arrival 08:30 to Kastrup

I've written to the organizers to see if you can get a late start. elite starts aren't out yet anyway so you don't have a start at the moment. The last start is 14:00 and it says you can start up to half an hour late.

I think you're best with a train as the buses take longer and you don't have so much time.

There is a train from Kastrup (Copenhagen's airport) at 9:16 which gets you to Värnamo (close to the event) at 12:01. Carsten (or me if I'm finished) could pick you up from there and take you to the event.
Here is the info:
Kastrup CPH - Värnamo stn
09:16 Kastrup CPH - 11:21 Alvesta stn
Regional 305

11:32 Alvesta stn - 12:01 Värnamo stn
Länstrafik 8544

It costs 258 sek, I'm not sure if that will change if you buy it on the day. It's not supposed to be an advanced purchase price.
It says it's direct through Malmö (city in Sweden on the other side of the water from Denmark) but from my experience you often have to change there anyway. It leaves Malmö at 9:48 so if you're running late you might be able to get another train from Kastrup to Malmö and still get on this one. (Kastrup is on the Sweden side of Copenhagen so don't go into the centre to go over to Malmö. There are Danish local trains that go quite often over there).

Kastrup is pretty bad for luggage taking a while so if you can I would try and just take hand luggage which should give you a better chance to get these trains - could Martin and Simon take some of your luggage for you to let you do this???

If you miss this your options aren't so good as far as I can see. The next train that is listed is at 13:14 and gets in at 15:05. There is a bus (Swebus) that leaves at 11:30 from Malmö that gets in at 14:55 to Värnamo. There is another bus at 10:05 which goes to Jönköping(about 50km further north than you want to be) at 13:45 but doesn't stop in Värnamo - if you were desperate you could try that and beg the drive to let you out somewhere near Värnamo! (It will be going close along the motorway but just not going off the motorway to go into Värnamo). The buses cost around 230 sek.

See our mobile number above to contact us to pick you up from Värnamo - if you can't txt hopefully you can let us know some time before then if this is what you will try and do and Carsten will assume you made the train and go to the train station to meet you...

Hope that helps! Sorry not to do it any earlier but Carsten and I finished our trip to Italy by getting food poisoning and since I've been back I've been lying around feeling sorry for myself (and trying to get Kaia to feel sorry for me and not crawl speedily around) and it's 30 degrees here in Stockholm by the way!

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Show Profile  Greg Posted: 13 July 2005, 5:02 PM  
Both Ross and Lizzie "n.class." on final results - ????

Both look like they missed a control in the middle.

And a(nother) Bronze for Australia - 3rd to Hanny

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Show Profile  Martin Posted: 13 July 2005, 8:57 PM  
Emma sprained her ankle quite bad half way through the Middle Qual - she's out for the rest of JWOC which is really unfortunate.

I'm really dissappointed with my middle races, made 2 mistakes in the qualification (~4min & 2min), ended up in C final with Simon and Sam. Tane ran B final, Lizzie and Ross in A.

Finals: Bad day at the office all round, more technical than yesterday and slower (lots of rocks covered with a thick layer of leaves - almost lost a few more ankles). I had a shocker on one control, lost concentration and paid the price - 5min down the drain, relocated by finding #1 again! damn...

Ross and Lizzie both missed one control each, dont know all the details-have only just picked up the good copy of maps.

The internet connection at the accomodation is SOOOOO SLOOOOWWWWW!!!!!

They say its only 26 degrees here, Simon's watch has registered 31 at times though!! water fights off the balconies is a great way to cool down.

Looking forward to a chance at redemption in the long. middle courses have been relatively flat compared with the long. It's gonna hurt tomorrow...

(Thanks Jenni)

Show Profile  Alistair Posted: 13 July 2005, 10:18 PM  
Hope the long/relay races go better for you all. Good luck & skills!

If it's any consolation to you - the internet connection for the live updates is dreadful too!

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 14 July 2005, 5:03 PM

Check out the photo and comment about Ross. Typical Hawkes Bay attire

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 15 July 2005, 4:23 AM  
Then further down the big sam getting passed?

Show Profile  Jenni Posted: 15 July 2005, 1:43 PM  
Looked like some solid performances in the long distance and a good long race in the heat!

I've heard from the oringen orgnizers that "we have no possibility to draw a late start for Ross Morrison on Monday." and so Ross is starting at 10:02 on Monday. It's not even good to swap with one of the other retardo members (I know it's a different grade but at least you'd get a run) as Simon is the latest at 11:27am. Maybe we can arrange some way for someone to pretend to be Ross and pick up his map, sneak out of the forest and give it to Ross so that he can run when he gets there - it would exceed the maximum time of 2 and a half hours but at least it would be a run? (I suggested to Carsten he could pretend to be Ross to pick up the map but he thought they might have seen the photo of Ross on the JWOC page...) Any better ideas??

Good luck for the relay and the party!

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 15 July 2005, 1:52 PM  
Good solid stuff guys. Those who know the depth and competitiveness of the fields will appreciate your achievments.

You've all shown you can race well with the field so I expect you'll be confident performing well in the relays. Who knows with a bit of luck you could be knocking off some "big" countries and also Australia.

Go hard and represent. Relay and Party.

Show Profile  T0m Posted: 15 July 2005, 10:32 PM  
Hi guys, found this forum via I tried to write an email to simon, but it seems like that this doesn't exist ;-)
It's a pity that you guys didn't stay
a bit longer at italian 5 days, at least for stage
three, which was absolutely the highlight of the event
(whole race like controls 12 & 13 from stage2). Stage 4
was quite nice, bit of green at first controls,
technically interesting. the final stage was very
fast, not that technically demanding as stages 3 and
4, but nice. Well, and as all of you from NZ
left, I didn't have any serious rivals anymore, so it
wasn't that much fun as on stages 1 and 2.
I followed a bit your results at JWOC. Ross did a good
job at the middle Q, at the final he was a bit unlucky. But you got
a bit in trouble with the terrain, or was it for the
terrible heat? do you go on any competitions after the
world champs or do you return home?
wish you all the best for tomorrows relay!

p.s.: if anybody is interested, I upp the maps from stages 3, 4 and 5 from ita5days with courses of M20, so you can see what you have missed ;-)

Show Profile  Jenni Posted: 15 July 2005, 11:03 PM  
One more thing re Oringen, if you read this in time..? should I pick up the retardo club pack - office is open until 10pm on Sunday so not sure if you'll make it or not?

Show Profile  mick finn Posted: 19 July 2005, 3:39 AM  
Well done everyone and hope you medalled at the post-p. Nice story in the Dom Post today featuring Lizzie and Ross, excellent!

Show Profile  addison Posted: 19 July 2005, 6:20 PM  
Hey Tom!

Hope you come back to read this forum. My email is if you want to get hold of us. Was thinking you were probably going to cane everyone else. Whats the site you uploaded the maps onto, would be cool to have a bit of a look at what we missed out on

Show Profile  Dave Mcc Posted: 25 July 2005, 1:50 PM  
Whats the deal with pink shorts. Just been talking to a girl who went to JWOC for Britain and said there were some "interesting kiwi fellas in pink shorts".

Show Profile  Martin Posted: 25 July 2005, 2:34 PM  
3/4 length party pants

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