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The "Sweet As" Orienteering Road Trip

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 24 June 2003, 3:49 PM  
NOW: see new THREAD "Whats become of the Roadie" for plans

This message was edited by Jamie on 27 October 2003, 11:54 PM

Show Profile  bendover Posted: 24 June 2003, 6:09 PM  
sounds awesome. i am in two minds.... might join you all, might try and get dids along aswell. i've found flights for $520 from either melbourne or sydney to dunedin, so would probably only come for for the 6 day. hard choice though... its a lot of cash. hey dave barr, you could do a garage sale from your place in dunedin and sell some of the stuff in there to raise money for me to come over. that should reduce my airfare to around $515. then i could sell the rights to the photos i have of jamie singing karaoke. then i would only be needing another $512.50. then if i sold rights to photos of a bare chested jamie punching the 3rd last control on day 4 of the anzac festival i'd only need another $12.50

bidding war for rights to these photos starts here. starting price of $1, lots of 25cents. the winner will be sent high resolution copies (photo print quality) by e-mail.

bribes accepted.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 25 June 2003, 12:57 AM  
Big Ben Roberts, just the guy I wanted to hear from....

Would be good if you passed the invitation around your extensive orienteering circle...

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 25 June 2003, 3:47 AM  
This almost sounds better than going to scandinavia on Saturday.

I'll be there, book the camping, hire the transport get Dave's strobe light.

Show Profile  runningbeast Posted: 25 June 2003, 5:13 AM  
Jamie - Great idea! Sounds awesome.

Just one comment - I'm not sure on the balance of the days ...seems to be too many cycle/drive/tramp

Shouldn't we have variety in these carnivals - maybe a sprint one day or a short hop.

We all get sick of the same thing on each day - variety is the spice of life!

Anyway....just a thought

Show Profile  addison Posted: 25 June 2003, 11:59 PM  
And then party after overton. its someones 18th..........................

Show Profile  bendover Posted: 28 June 2003, 11:59 AM  
who's 18th birthday is it?

Show Profile  addison Posted: 28 June 2003, 2:02 PM  
if its the cops asking, im already 18. thats why i can run 18's next year

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 6 August 2003, 1:47 AM  
Website for Alpine Unity is now available. Link
Buy your tickets before end of November for cheap rate $125, otherwise $155.

Show Profile  AndrewT Posted: 9 September 2003, 6:11 AM  
Any more progress/news on this ?

Show Profile  Melissa Posted: 9 September 2003, 9:36 AM  
Just enough time afterwards to get back up to the Big Day Out in Auckland (16/01/04).

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 9 September 2003, 12:46 PM  
A bit of interest, perhaps too far out from the event for people to commit

Might turn into a few friends (at least 20 I reckon) cruising around then heading to Alpine Unity

Anyway Goodol, all we need to have some laughs is Neil Kerrison and a bottle of rum.

Still keen?

Show Profile  bendover Posted: 12 September 2003, 9:15 AM  
or a cask of cheap red wine

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 25 September 2003, 1:27 PM  
Well I think its about time we stopped dreaming of this "sweet as road trip" and sorted out some details. I think it is going to be good. Real good.

It looks likely that nobody is gonna get of there arse and do the cycling tour bit. However there will be a big meeting of people just before new years and they will go to the "Dance" party, near Aurthers pass. It will be good. Then there will be even more people and they will do some cool tourist things like awesome training, driving to a random place and partying.

The Orienteering carnival will be excellent and go pretty much as Jamie discribed it. Everyone camping together. I am keen to orgainise the National Booze O championships.

So what we need is to get enough cars and vans and Barr vans in the south Island to give us freedom to roam. Also we need to help the Aussies and other Foriegners get organised (cos the Aussies aren't to on to it).

So Aussies and Ben Dover and other Foriegners let us know who is coming or who should be persuaded to come because this summer holiday will be better than the last mellenuim.

Thank you and good night.

Show Profile  bendover Posted: 26 September 2003, 11:26 AM  
apologies folks but it really isnt going to happen for me. got various financial commitments that i need to save money for, mainly an 8 week jaunt visiting minority villages in Southwest china in feb/march 2004. heading back to uni when i get home as well so fees to pay. will be a qualified teacher in two years time.... ha ha ha... so it'll be Mr Roberts after that. or mr dover. or something. i know, how about 'SIR'. I like the sound of that. anyway i'll head back to NZ after i've finished that for the 'Sweet As' Orienteering Road trip part 4 - the return of the pieman.

i think you'll be getting a few ozzies over though.

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 26 September 2003, 3:56 PM  
Oringen 2004 then! Party hard.

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