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The "Sweet As" Orienteering Road Trip

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 7 October 2003, 12:58 AM  
For those planning to take a car accross the ferry. - cheapest booking for a car on the 27th is a cool $230, plus passenger tickets. Travelling back to the North Island is a little better about $180, plus passenger tickets in mid January. - the new competing company which is seldom heard of has a standard fee of $110 for cars plus $40 for each passenger. Have to ring to check on availability.

wonder if the leppin bus is has any prior summer engagments ?

Anyway I guess if the us North Islander want to co-operate we ought to do so soon.


Show Profile  Greg Posted: 7 October 2003, 6:40 AM  
Need to get sorted now is a good idea Andrew, Who is going to the dance new years and who does NOT want to go, I'm in the latter as I don't really want to pay something like $150 to spend new years around alot of drugged up hippies. Had heard rumors about NY's maybe in Welly and then traveling over to meet others or just going somewhere else in top of SI, anyone else not doing unity got any other plans or ideas.


Show Profile  bendover Posted: 7 October 2003, 9:33 AM  
"Det är inte ofta att Bendover blir så förbannad."

my swedish sucks. havent got a clue what that means.

didnt mean to cause any offense to you swedes though... just having a laugh... enjoy NZ, it rocks.

Show Profile  That Claire Girl Posted: 7 October 2003, 9:39 AM  
I'm in the same mind as Greg as to New Years plans, I think $150 would be better spent on alcohol and some good CD's! But really, I just can't afford it is the real reason. About transport, I have yet to check with my parents for sure, but I may be able to offer a car for use, as we have 3 at the moment, and don't need them all while I'm not there. Not available for sale though I'm afraid, sorry foreigners.

Show Profile  Natalie Posted: 7 October 2003, 9:53 AM  
Yep, I am already committed elsewhere for New Year's itself, but keen to join in the fun and games a day or so after that, so maybe would be keen on meeting those not going to unity in Welly and we can take my car over, or I could scab with you, or meet up somewhere else, or whatever!

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 8 October 2003, 1:18 AM  
Entry fees for entire Southern Six Day total between $120 and $210 depending on when you pay. The $120 early bird cut off is 30th October.

Might be time to collect some "Course Related Costs" from Helen before I graduate.

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 8 October 2003, 1:23 AM  
Andrew, the Leppin bus is out of action this summer unfortunately, or at least for major journeys anyway. Matt has plans for some upgrades, but I can't imagine them happening any time soon.

Show Profile  Ã…sa Posted: 8 October 2003, 5:06 AM  
I'm also wondering who's going to the UnityDanceParty? I saw that there is still about 150 tickets left for "early bird" price = $95 (but that they go fast...)
Please let us know soon!

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 8 October 2003, 5:44 AM  
Yep I'm in Asa,

I figure I only have so many raves left before I fall into that 'creepy old guy' category. I don't fancy my chances of being the 'styley old dude'

Booking now.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 8 October 2003, 5:53 AM  
In saying that maybe there is the potential for a compromise. I would be keen to spend actual new years with orienteers somewhere round Canterbury/West Coast then cruise to Unity on the early hours of the 1st then dance continuously until midday on the second, then hook back up with the blouses/runners and stay in the Mt Cook area somewhere on the night of the second then arrive fresh as a daisy at Naseby on the third. Sound good Fraser?

Show Profile  James Posted: 8 October 2003, 6:11 AM  
As much as i love to dance in my skanky white pants, i dont think i'll be attending the dance party either! and i would be keen for New Years elsewhere............maybe head down to Nelson on the 27th, have 4 days hardcore training in the beautiful Abel Tasman, then party hard at Te Huna Beach for new years, then make our way down to the events???Or alternatively, new years in welly then on the back from the 6 day, 3-4 days hard core training in Abel Tasman!!!and maybe even Queen Charlotte tarck as well!!!

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 8 October 2003, 8:30 AM  
I'm not that keen on Unity. Would be keen for Wellington New Years and then onwards, but for the fact that cuts South Islanders out from new years. I will not have a car so basically I'll just call the first shotgun I can see

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 9 October 2003, 3:37 AM  
Getting back to Tuffe's first questions (and sorry, I know only one word of Swedish and I think we can only communicate so much with Hej), there was a book that came out a few years ago probably called "Seasonal Work in New Zealand" or something like that, which basically went through every region and every time of year with what was available. Mostly physically hard and very low paid work associated with the various agri/horti/aqua/vitni -cultural industries, that most kiwis are too soft for. So it used to be fairly easy to find work without having to worry about permits and the like. Though be aware that anyone willing to employ you without a work permit has no reason to be a model employer.

The upshot being if you have low expectations casual work around the country should be easy to find, but if you can get hold of that book it will make it much easier knowing who to ask where and when. Does anyone else out there know it including more useful details of what its called and all that?

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 9 October 2003, 3:44 AM  
Has anyone purchased a ticket for Unity yet?

Wellington New Years could be messy. Out of town folk would probably enjoy it. Wellington usually has some rank concert on the Waterfront featuring a local boy band. Afterwards everyone typically migrates into town, then spends the remainder of the night waiting in lines and paying flithy cover charges. On the other hand Im sure James could arrange some local talent to join in.

The Te Huna Beach suggestion or somewhere at the top of the south would be brilliant.

There is also the Vision Music Festival in Golden Bay over New Years. Perhaps a little alternative for the consensus but check it out if your keen

Last year sounded good with heaps of drum and bass but a whole pile of stuff that was a little too trippy for me, $80 before dec 1st, or $100 later on.

I heard Ms Prince is working Abel Tasman over summer, so could gate crash Totaranui for some training prior or after New Years.

swedes and foreign nationals ->

Anyway debate is good, if we can reach some consensus early, Im sure more people will congregate.


This message was edited by Andrew M on 9 October 2003, 11:48 AM

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 9 October 2003, 9:25 AM  
Jamie, sounds good. I plan to be at Alpine Unity for the whole time though. Will catch up with yous other fallas at the 6 day.

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