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The "Sweet As" Orienteering Road Trip

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 16 October 2003, 9:24 AM  
I predict (for those of you clowns with weak stomachs and fragile bones) that there will be a smooth sailing on the 27/28th of December.

Show Profile  That Claire Girl Posted: 17 October 2003, 1:50 AM  
Ok, so that equals a full van with Me, Greg, James, Bryn, Andrew M, Neil and Brent. What about gear? As long as no-one brought too much it might be ok? But...As I siad from the start, I am still trying to sort it with my folks. Dad was the one who suggested it and is happy with the idea, but my Mum is not keen due to it being our 'better' vehicle and that being an automatic, "if anything goes wrong, it really goes wrong". So, please don't rely on it as your sole arrangment yet...but I hope it will be ok. Just give me a week or so to arrange it....Good to hear that there is enough interest to make the ferry crossing cheap.

Show Profile  bendover Posted: 17 October 2003, 12:10 PM  
i think your mum is not too keen given the boys/girls ratio.

or maybe its just brent?

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 17 October 2003, 1:21 PM  
I think I get shotgun nomatter who calls it!

Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 18 October 2003, 12:35 AM  
Never mess with the laws of the shotgun. Never.

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 18 October 2003, 5:57 AM  

You might be confusing shotgun to another motoring term used when somebody has the fastest qualifying and starts at the front of the grid.

Show Profile  bendover Posted: 18 October 2003, 10:38 AM  
greg, i wouldnt rate your chances in a shotgun fight with pcbrent. photographic evidence has already been posted on this site showing his immense physical prowess.

Show Profile  That Claire Girl Posted: 22 October 2003, 1:22 PM  
Hey you other 6 guys who planning traveling with me...We can use the family van provided that Brent 'the big responsible policeman' does most of the driving. So, that is good news for the pocket money supply, but maybe not for space. I suggest everyone tries to pack quite light and loses a few kilos before the just kidding. We should be sweet, but perhaps we should check out cost of hiring a small trailer in picton, if it is cheap it would be great! catch u all later...

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 23 October 2003, 6:53 AM  
Ironic isn't it Brent.
How is your truck now anyway?

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 23 October 2003, 1:41 PM  
Out of all 7 who has the worst driving record? To be fair to Neil I don't mean in terms of treatment to cars.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 24 October 2003, 7:12 AM  
Brent Edwards is a pillar of society.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 27 October 2003, 3:57 PM  
NOW see new thread "Whats become of the roadie" for the latest plans.




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