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maptalk - standing the test of time

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 27 September 2014, 8:57 AM  
Jamie, I've always appreciated your cut to the chase, lack of sugar coating. This time I think you're being unnecessarily scathing to a few productive and valuable volunteers.

Stick to what you would like to point out. Is it..

That events should be on one website? (I believe that should be maintained via the national federation website).

That maptalk is the incumbent community forum and doesn't need to be replicated by ONZ. Fraser is awesome.

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 27 September 2014, 10:32 AM  
In a previous post I mentioned that I have hardly made use of the ONZ website - given the tone this discussion is taking, I feel I need to clarify, that is not due to any percieved failings of the site (it has completely frozen my browser on at least one visit, but that probably has at least as much to do with my 'vintage' computer than any content/engineering issues) but more I have not had any need in the time it's been active to go looking for the kind of info that I personally would expect to be able to use the site for (eg, who is the person I should be talking to about.... -insert your favoured ONZ function here)

I'd invite everyone who has been part of this discussion to make a simple one-ish line response to the 2 statements Neil makes above. I'll start the ball rolling:

(1) Event listing should be MAINTAINED in one place (logically via the national federation) but be available for publication as a live listing by any other website that wishes to do so.

(2) Yes, exactly.

Show Profile  Jane H Posted: 27 September 2014, 11:04 AM  
My vote
1) Same as (1) above
2) I would chat on all websites that let me on them.
I hear SwimmingNZ doesn't have a forum like maptalk and if you disc the hierachy your membership may be terminated. Closing this forum would ruin some of my entertainment for sure.Long may it last.

Show Profile  Paul I Posted: 27 September 2014, 1:45 PM  
1) has to be to avoid incorrect duplication
2) what she said. However I think it may just need a mind shift and some tutuing.
I hadn't really looked at the detail of the ONZ site and probably dismissed some of the functionality a bit. I see now that you can create sub topics that can be read through the group chat sub menu thing. That was one of my reasons I didn't like how it worked. But I was not correct. What I would love to see added however is a Banter section(group)as well as one for 'Events' where threads(topics)could be started for particular events.

Show Profile  AndrewT Posted: 27 September 2014, 9:06 PM  
Great banter.

Show Profile  nick Posted: 28 September 2014, 6:32 PM  
Do I detect a defensive tone there Jamie?

1) one event list on ONZ
2) keep these discussions on Maptalk

I don't think we've all engaged with the site enough yet to understand how we can use it, what it can do for us. ONZ can't make us do it - it's up to is to populate it, bring it to life. Premature to write it off before we've given it a good crack.

Good to see you Neil!

Show Profile  rob.g Posted: 28 September 2014, 9:08 PM  

It looks like you and Neil will both be back in NZ later this year, so welcome to you both.

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 28 September 2014, 10:04 PM  
If you haven't engaged with the site by now - then it is not working.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 28 September 2014, 11:21 PM  
I'm not sure what you detect Nick, you tell me.

Make it happen Nick. Walk the talk. I'll check back in a couple of years and see how you are going.

Show Profile  Bryan Posted: 29 September 2014, 9:00 AM  
One thing which really gets up my goat is destructive criticism. To my mind destructive criticism usually ends up with the exact opposite of what someone wants - destruction.

I have personal experience of what happens:

Example 1: Asked Senior Consultant in Thailand for critique of my report - he was quite scathing but offered no constructive criticisms - I castigated him personally about it. Result: Because he was too blunt his reports did not get accepted and he is sent home. Because of the loss of face, we never get his reports accepted even though we send several other consultants to rewrite his reports.

Example 2: Helping writing a book for a family reunion - destructive criticism offered about my reasonable requests and considerable volunteer help.
Result: Not worth the hassle, so I pull out from helping.

- 'Time consuming failure' - destructive
- 'Stating the obvious' - obviously not obvious to many - destructive
- Swearing + 'balls up' - destructive
- Reply to Erin's eloquent and reasoned reply - 'The VP then convinced his partner to get it sorted' - personal and destructive

Here's some constructive criticism - ONZ website should show results and rankings - this is partly (mainly) my fault as Statistician due to being too busy mapping and paying the bills and not getting the results database up to date. I'm willing to help anyone who wants to get this up and running and migrate the old site to the new.

Jamie, you are joking about mapping while carrying a baby in the rain and in the Wellington bush, right? I thought I was mapping most of the (thick) bush - I remember falling over often while mapping and crawling through thick bush. Even joking about this to show a point to my mind is unconscionable.

Show Profile  R2 Posted: 29 September 2014, 9:07 AM  
My opinion
1. Events listing on ONZ site (with direct links from other NZ orienteering sites)
2. Maptalk keeps it place - I like how the chat doesn't get 'lost' amongst other website content

I also agree with Nick is up to us to make the ONZ website work - so I encourage everyone to try it out, add a blog or a comment. Send your thoughts, ideas for improvements, the webmaster. Speaking from my experience of using the site, the webmaster is working diligently behind the scene ironing out issues and searching for solutions to suggestions made.

A suggestion I will be emailing to ONZ is that they look at employing a media person - who is responsible for feeding news and regular updates onto the site (so that there is a reason for regulars to check in on the site daily/weekly) eg At the moment the 'media person' could be writing brief updates about the current Aussie Champs results

Jamie, you have already experienced how hard it is to get people involved in providing blogs for a website and have put your hand up to be an ONZ contributor, quoting from your 'Closing Time' post on the Osquad blog ...." The blog will stay up and who knows might be reincarnated again in the future (probably will be in fact judging by history). It has always been my goal to try and get a good number of regular contributors and comments, haven't quite managed it yet. I'm going to use this little chunk of time to contribute over at the new NZOF website and to do some more writing on my own blog, which has mainly been just family stuff over the last couple of years. Anyone who enjoys my writing is welcome to pop over there. I will definitely be writing more about orienteering."

Maptalk users - we are the orienteering fanatics, so we should be amongst those making our new NZ website platform work - for ourselves and for those who go searching for info about orienteering.

Show Profile  nick Posted: 30 September 2014, 3:47 PM  
Oh, the glib retort. Nice one.

Yeah mate, when I get back to NZ I will put my two cents in at ONZ. Obviously it will take more than just my contribution, but I think that's your point, if I can just peer through the contempt long enough to get a glimpse...

Show Profile  nick Posted: 30 September 2014, 4:18 PM  
I miss OSquad blog. IMO it was the best NZ content we've had (not that there was much to compete with (was there?), but regardless, it was seriously good). Its fun to read the "postcard" style blogs from JWOC etc... but what I liked about OSquad was that it had skill development as its special flavour. I miss it. Jamie - I'm grateful for all the effort you put into it. Other than parenthood, which everyone already understands, was there a "technical" reason that it didn't transition into ONZ? Or was it a "content" issue - lack of fellow contributors?

Re: employing a media person... There is already quite a bit of update/commentary happening on facebook thank to mcroxford (is that right?). Not sure why it isn't also going through ONZ... or why ONZ basically has to duplicate the posts. Perhaps he might chip in here? There maybe a good reason (hmm, deja vu, did we do this already in another thread?)

Show Profile  nick Posted: 30 September 2014, 4:39 PM  
Thanks Rob - can't wait to get back into Woodhill!

Show Profile  mcroxford Posted: 30 September 2014, 5:07 PM  
Thanks Nick. I'm just an overly enthusiastic introverted extrovert that likes to live vicariously through the elites. I think the term is: I need another hobby...

For me doing the facebook posts is about community - social engagement they call at my work at a Council. Orienteering is an individual sport with sometimes only one or two competitors at elite level in a club/region. Making it an everyday thing with a small update makes it a sport rather than a hobby.

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