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Winter Classic 2010

Show Profile  addison Posted: 17 August 2010, 2:29 AM  
Sounds like you did a great job Bryan, well done

Show Profile  Bryan Posted: 17 August 2010, 4:33 AM  
Now after all the physical pain, lets have some fun and analyse the courses.

Maps and courses now published:

Check out the first map which has most of the planner's route choices - it has distances and climb against each route. Other's probably took different routes.

Did you see all the choices?

Talking to many at the finish, there were many who didn't take the best route - but it's hard to judge for some which is quickest and towards the end of a course your route choices change due to one route being more physical and the other being more attractive due to more track running.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 17 August 2010, 6:21 AM  
No I didn't see all the choices. The mark of a well-set course, thank you Bryan.

One that you haven't shown is from C2 18-19 round the top and through #20. The direct route looked bloody steep both down and up; and after earlier getting ahead of eventual winner Neil Kane with an "around" route I tried it again. We left 18 together and I calculate from chance sightings that he was 4min quicker. BUT 2min of that was helping an ailing C1 runner with a bit of food. So a viable route choice I reckon.

Show Profile  pete s Posted: 17 August 2010, 7:16 AM  
Sounds like another classic event, and well done to Bryan and all the winners and survivors! Very sorry to have missed this one, although glad to say we survived our own winter classic with 14x 9year olds at the local climbing wall - still exhausted from it now!

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 17 August 2010, 3:57 PM  
ok I'll play the game, the course planner deserves at least that!! A couple of routes there I didn't see, but none that I think I would consider in retrospect.

Brent and I took A around the road I think this is probably fastest(I bullsed up here and went to 2 first)

To number 3 I considered F but chose E because there was still a lot of bush bashing and climb on F. I'm not quite sure how Jason got ahead of me around here somewhere, maybe he took F, or didn't get 2, or maybe my track route to 4 was slow and Brent and Jason caught me just before 4 when thought I had caught them. We were all together at 4

To five G was clearly the best route, Brent and I lost Jason here and saw him heading down to the control as we were climbing high above it.

Brent and I took L as did Neil Kane, was pretty grotty.

Brent and I split through O-P, they were pretty equal.

After this Brent and I marked each other for a while not wanting to risk different route choices in case we got caught out by a chance piece of green

V-W around the tracks were the only options in my opinion at that stage of a race. We scared a few rogainers racing past them pretty hard as Brent nearly got away from me.

I made a little break from Brent at 17 after he hesitated, then after 18 I took Z and Brent took Y, neither were easy, but perhaps Z was quicker I certainly gained a little time.

Then the last long leg back to civilisation, I didn't see CC, but I think it is too far right. I went out that way then headed left down the nice track to the road. The left hand routes looked a little risky, but they kept it interesting as I was wondering if Brent might appear as I neared the finish.

Thanks again Bryan really interesting race and I am looking forward to a few training missions in there!

Show Profile  Bryan Posted: 17 August 2010, 10:32 PM  
Photos from the event:

Show Profile  Bryan Posted: 18 August 2010, 2:01 AM  
I didn't see your route, Michael but it's a possibility with about 20-30m less climb and faster track/roads but a lot longer.

Interesting how Jamie you chose W (868m, 75m) instead of X (363m 90m).

With only a little less climb, in green terrain, track options which are 2 - 3 times longer are viable. I'm sure I would have chosen the same route as Jamie at the same stage of the race but I suspect the straighter way is quicker (which doesn't mean it is better as you have to subsequently finish the race well and not hit the wall).

Show Profile  Bryan Posted: 18 August 2010, 4:17 AM  

Obviously people clipped at the pivots instead of using the sport ident. I'll have to think of a better way to record loop and leg times next year.

Report coming soon - waiting on some email requests for rogaine routes.

Show Profile  Bryan Posted: 19 August 2010, 1:44 AM  
Race Report now available:
including comments from most winners (Yvette, Jamie, Colin, Nick, Gavin) and others.

We are missing the veteran women's W40 trophy - someone picked it up from the event - please contact me as the trophy should go back once again to Liz.

Show Profile  DennisdM Posted: 19 August 2010, 9:45 AM  
Love the photo's Brian, particularly good shot of Brent finishing.

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 20 August 2010, 6:07 AM  
Aha, looks like it was approved Winter Classic weather. Really disapointed I couldn't make it now (scoffs). Liking the new uniforms, Central.

Show Profile  souni Posted: 26 August 2010, 11:39 AM  

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