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Maptalk Photos Help

What is Maptalk Photos?

Maptalk Photos is a system for ensuring that great photos of New Zealands top orienteers are freely available. The need for an online database of great photos came about due to increasing media requirements, both within orienteering and the wider media community.

Maptalk Photos is the home of great photos of our top orienteering athletes in New Zealand. Please ensure you have uploaded a large file, as this is for print media. Any poor quality photos run the risk of being deleted by an admin.

Posting Photos

  1. Log into your Maptalk account.
  2. Click on the runner you wish to post a photo under.
  3. If logged in you will see a browse button, click this and find the photo you wish to upload. Fill in the credit field, this is who took the photo. Fill in the description field, do not use enters.
  4. Once all fields are full, click on "Add Photo"
  5. The page will then load until the photo is uploaded. Please ensure you have uploaded a large photo, as we want quality that is useable for print. This may take some time depending on your connection, please be patient.

Photo Rights

Please note by posting photos on Maptalk Photos, you are making your photos free for use for publicity and media. If you are media using photos, you are obliged to credit the photos to whoever has taken them. No photo releases are freely available for commercial use. If you wish to use the photos for a commercial reason (eg promoting an event), please get in contact with the person who took the photo. Please respect the person who has taken the photo with at the very least a courtesy contact to report the use and also you need to give credit when the photo is used.

Adding Runners

The role of adding runners to the database so that photos can be added to them is with the admins. If you would like someone to be added then feel free to post on the forum asking for such action. The admins will then decide if that person is up to the required level to be added to the database.

Please note that this system has been created for high performance, mainly aimed towards the D-Squad and National Squad.

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