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Show Profile  andrew b Posted: 12 February 2007, 9:55 AM  
The original entry form for The AfterMatch O Carnival hosted by NW immediately following the Nationals had the sprint at Carrington. The updated form handed out at in Taupo now has the correct location which is on the newly mapped west side of Massey University in Albany.
The whole Carnival is planned to be similar to the Waitangi Event with race formats that will provide everyone with interstering Orienteering.
entry form is available at

Show Profile  andrew b Posted: 31 March 2007, 3:02 PM  
Entries close this Wednesday 4th April.
As far as Super-Series goes M21E/M20E need to enter Course 1 and W21E/W20E Course 2.
All the events will count towards the Super-Series, including now, the Loop Race on Sunday. We will have the program and more details up shortly. Programs will also be available at the National Events.
Those who still have to work that week in Auckland will still be able to make the Sprint and Relay as they are in the evening.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 1 April 2007, 3:21 PM  
Just like to say what an awesome idea by NW to put these events on, seems like its going to be a great series of events!

Show Profile  rob.g Posted: 1 April 2007, 9:10 PM  
Spent today finalising courses for the Thursday middle distance event at White Lightning and would have to say the area is stunning and I'm sure will be one of the most popular maps of the carnival. More than half of the area is new.
With the sprint being a new map, and the night event having been remapped, and a superb loop race for the last day, I beleive the Tamoc should satisfy all those that make the effort to attend, and thanks Simon for the vote of confidence.

Show Profile  andrew b Posted: 10 April 2007, 7:32 AM  
The prograamme for the event is now available at the clubs website
A small change to the sprint event is that starts are available from 4.30pm to ensure we dont end up with a night sprint instead.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 11 April 2007, 9:18 PM  
Martin took lots of photos today, just uploading these now. All 211 in total.

Photos from today and any photos taken during the week can be found here:

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 12 April 2007, 10:16 AM  
Thomas U Legend!

Show Profile  Paul I Posted: 16 April 2007, 12:16 PM  
A lot of us are now licking our wounds... is there any animal out there still wanting more O after the past couple of weeks? If so, you're a legend!
Hands up who enjoyed TAMOC. Me for one. The SPRINT was awesome in a very complex area, so many tiny paths and out of bounds gardens to avoid, All top place getters deserve a special medal for eye-brain -leg reaction.
The MIDDLE at White Lightning was brilliant, I stupidly lost contact a couple of times in that superb coastal detail by trying to run too quick, but recovered after some mind aching relocation efforts.
I never made it to the NIGHT RELAYS on Turkey Ridge, the weather just got too foul for me, and besides every time I run in the dark I injure some part of my anatomy.
The LONG gave us all another chance to run on W/L This time, experiencing some very runnable flat parts of the map. Personally I didn't enjoy the bit in the rough open (probably because I failed miserably in here) but the rest of the course was fast and furious where any hesitation showed up in your splits.
Everyone seemed to get a buzz out of the LOOP RACES on Sunday. Rolf and I were rapped with the close finishes after so many loops. There could be a couple of ways to get competition even closer in the future by setting some of the loops more similar to each other like relay courses, and to have the mass starts more consentrated. Our intention with the courses was to throw in as much variety as possible in regard to fast running, technical and terrain types with some very short loops creating pressure. Our only constraint was in trying to keep under 30 controls for Red 1 to avoid having two sportidents, this did compremise the odd loop slightly.
Special aknowledgement from me to Rolf Wagner, who's abilities and commitment and effort for these events has I'm sure not gone unnoticed. For the loop event we even changed maps, initially from Beautifull Hills to Whites Line, then finally Stags Roar. It all takes its toll on your time. The usual 'famous last words' again come to mind "Be prepared earlier next time, last minute panics are hard work". Early access to the forest and getting map files early are essential when working in a team as we all have other commitments to work around.
My cold beer is tasting particularly refreshing as I rest up before focusing on training for the next set of events. In a bizzar way, all the punishment seems worth it in the end!

Show Profile  rob.g Posted: 16 April 2007, 2:19 PM  
A huge thanks to Andrew our club president who instigated tamoc and did so much work before and during the event.
It's a pity more did not have a go at the range of events.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 16 April 2007, 7:33 PM  
Big thanks to Andrew, Rolf and the rest of the team.

Great series of races that were put together on some awesome terrain. North West as normal put on a great event.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 16 April 2007, 8:33 PM  
The last of the photos have been uploaded at the address above

Show Profile  frances Posted: 17 April 2007, 12:49 PM  
Thanks very much to the organisers and NW club for putting on the aftermatch series. What a great variety of events, an enjoyable week of racing and some valuable orienteering practice.

Show Profile  Paul I Posted: 18 April 2007, 3:50 PM  
Some analysis of the top 12 red 1 runners at the Loop race - for those who may find this sort of thing interesting!

LOOP A: 2.8km (Longer leg loop. Winner 5.9 m/km)
16:34 Mark Lawson -Very good splits on #2 and #4
17:01 Tane Cambridge
17:09 Carsten Jorgensen -Ran a good #1. Also very good #4
17:28 Andrew Peat - BLITZED the field on #1
17:30 Rob Jessop
17:59 Simon Jager
18:33 James Bradshaw -Blew 1min on #3
18:41 Neil Kerrison -Blew 1min on #2, Blew 3/4min on #4
18:45 Bill Edwards -Blew 1/2min on #3
19:13 Jeff G -Very good #1
19:39 Riki C
24:21 Sam Mc

LOOP B: 1.9km (mixed terrain loop, incl some open sand dunes. Winner 6.0m/km)
11:28 Sam Mc -Awesome run. Sam, Rob and Bill started this loop from the mass start and ran together for most of it. Bill was first to #1, Rob and Sam pulled just ahead and were together for #2,3&4, Sam just sprinted away from Rob at #5 by 9 seconds.
11:37 Rob J -Ran a blinder on #2
11:47 Bill E
12:07 James B
12:07 Neil K
12:40 Simon J
13:20 Mark L -Trouble on #3 in sand dunes -1min
14:06 Andrew P -A bit more hessitant on most legs
14:11 Tane C -Big Trouble at #3 -2 1/2min
15:00 Carsten -Problem with #2 -2min, and #3 -1min
16:09 Jeff G
16:21 Riki C

LOOP C: 2.2km (Mainly low visibility techno loop. Winner 5.9 m/km)
13:12 Mark L -all controls consistantly quick
13:31 Carsten J -all controls consistantly quick
13:56 Tane C
14:28 Neil K
14:38 Simon J
14:50 Rob J -Blew 1/2min on #5
15:36 Bill E -Blew 1/2min on #3
18:43 Andrew P -Blew 3/4min on #3 and 1min on #4
19:10 James B -Big blowout at #3 (-4 1/2 min)
19:57 Jeff G
20:18 Sam Mc
24:18 Riki C -lots of trouble! -4 1/2m #1, 1/2m #2, 1m 1/2m #3, 1m #4, 2m #5!

LOOP D: 1.8km (Quick thinkers loop. Winner 5.3 m/km)
09:32 Carsten J -Wow what a time on #4. #5 Carsten & Neil also 1/2min up on the field
10:25 Neil K -Blitzed everyone on #1, great #5, but lost 1min on easy #4
11:24 James B -Also lost 1/2min on easy #4
11:26 Rob J
11:37 Bill E
12:25 Simon J -Lost 1 1/2min on #1 in low vis
12:27 Tane C -Lost 1 3/4min on #1, 1/2 on #5
12:47 Sam Mc -Lost 1min on #1,1/2min on #3,1 1/4min on #4.
13:05 Mark L -Lost 2min on #1
(Control #1 in the low vis pines was fine but many appeared to loose it under pressure)
14:31 Jeff G -Lost 4min total
17:09 Riki C -Lost 7min in total

LOOP E: 1.0km (Short mixed Loop. Winner 6.1 m/km)
6:05 Riki C -Very impressive run, almost fastest on every split.
6:10 Carsten J -Good #1 in the tricky stuff.
6:57 Tane C -Consistantly quick
7:07 Bill E -Consistantly quick
7:43 James B -Blew 1 1/2min on tricky #1
7:43 Simon J -Blew 1min on tricky #1
7:55 Andrew P -Blew 1 1/2min on tricky #1
8:15 Jeff G -
8:22 Neil K -Blew 2 1/4min on tricky #1, and 1/4min going far to slow on #4 (did you stop for a piss?)
9:53 Mark L -Real blowout on tricky #1 loosing 4min.Doh!However redeemed himself as the only one breaking 50 seconds on #2, and wasted the field by 20 seconds on #3.
9:57 Rob J -Blew 3min on tricky #1, 1/4min on #3, and travelled 1/4 min to slow at #4.
10:39 Sam Mc Lost 3 1/2 min on #3
(Again, an only slightly difficult, but unexpectedly tricky 1st control played havoc with many!)

LOOP G: 600m (Final sprint/pressure loop. Winner 5.0 m/km)
3:09 Neil K
3:14 Simon J
3:15 Carsten J
3:21 Tane C
3:26 Sam Mc
3:29 James B
3:33 Rob J
3:34 Mark L - appears to have lost 1/4 minute at both #2 and #3.
3:39 Bill E
3:49 Riki C
3:55 Andrew P
4:44 Jeff G
( Very close times here, but the award for the final sprint loop goes to Neil who blitzed the competition on all legs except #2 where Simon completely wasted Neil by 4 seconds. Mark lost an opportunity to show up the younger ones by screwing around at #2 and #3. What was he doing???)

The Total times for all the Loops show that today Carsten stayed slightly more in control. There was nothing in it between Neil, Tane, Bill, Simon, and Rob J. Mark and James were equally as competitve but let themselves down with one too many errors. And young Andrew proved himself to be hot on their heals.

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Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 18 April 2007, 4:43 PM  
Thanks Paul!

Next time a link to a site with maps of each leg and exact splits...

Show Profile  jeffg Posted: 18 April 2007, 8:37 PM  
Thanks Paul!

Next time do the top 10 if you want to be selected for anything...

Show Profile  Keith Posted: 18 April 2007, 8:52 PM  
Routegadget does all that Jamie and more. It's now quite widely used here in the UK and I noticed the aussies used it for their recent easter events. Would be good to see it in use in NZ.

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