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Great Day O

Show Profile  jeffg Posted: 3 March 2006, 8:40 AM  
Better late than never. Entry forms are out for the Great Day O on March 26. They will be circulating at the various Auckland events and should be up on the website by tomorrow

This is a SPORTident mass start endurance O event on the Woodhill Coastal strip from Rimmers Road through to Restall Road. Four courses:

Course 1 120 controls 31 km
Course 2 90 controls 23 km
Course 3 60 controls 15 km
Course 4 30 controls 7 km

Have you done enough base training for Nationals? Come along and find out!

Show Profile  addison Posted: 3 March 2006, 10:14 AM  
looks awesome Jeff. Whats the plan for SI sticks ? after each 30 controls we get another card?

Show Profile  jeffg Posted: 3 March 2006, 3:58 PM  
Yep. Map and SI card in the box, new SI card taped to the new map. We'll have a gopher take all the maps and SI cards back to the event centre for downloading, so the idea is that once you finish you'll get printouts of all your splits. There'll be some butterfly loops etc etc.

Show Profile  jeffg Posted: 14 March 2006, 3:03 PM  
Don't forget this is a pre-entry event, the closing date for which is... tomorrow. The entry form is available on the AOC website

Jeff Greenwood; sand saucer competition winner, primer one, College St Primary School

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 26 March 2006, 12:52 PM  
Great fun. Thanks Jeff and team.

Show Profile  nick Posted: 27 March 2006, 1:43 AM  
Brilliant event - thank you.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 27 March 2006, 1:55 AM  
Thanks heaps Jeff and the team!

Show Profile  jeffg Posted: 27 March 2006, 8:26 AM  
Thanks guys. Might be a wee while before we try that one again, eh? Hope you all recover soon. It will hopefully add a bit of steel to your classic runs at Nationals.
One thing I can confidently say is that I've created the biggest SPORTident birdsnest yet achieved in NZ.

Show Profile  SJ Posted: 27 March 2006, 8:29 AM  
Where were you, Greg? Absent again.

Or maybe I just didn't see you because you left early...

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 27 March 2006, 12:22 PM  
I waited around until the first girl on your course finished, then left about 45 minutes later.

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 27 March 2006, 1:51 PM  
Did you get beaten by a girl Simon?

Show Profile  jeffg Posted: 2 May 2006, 7:33 AM  
Does anyone else want their Great Day O maps back who hasn't got them yet? They are all dry now but some may have gone a bit mouldy...
Does anyone have any constructive negative feedback? Since I've only had positive comments, either everyone must have been too knackered to complain on the day or we'll have to do it again sometime.

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 2 May 2006, 8:30 AM  
If you are wanting an ultra long but this was a bit more, I think coastal woodhill might not be the right place if that is the sort of distance you are after, tad too technical and physically draining for that length, I'm guessing you were targeting a slightly shorter winning time.

Show Profile  SJ Posted: 2 May 2006, 8:48 AM  
I agree with Greg that the area was technical and quite draining both mentally and physically! But I don't know if other areas would be better. Advantages of the area:

-I find it is quite easy to get into a rhythm in the coastal strip so the 4 and a bit hours went reasonably quickly
-it also has quite a lot of variation, so the terrain doesn't get boring

Whatever happens, the event was a great success, and I'm looking forward to next year's!

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 2 May 2006, 2:41 PM  
Agree with you Simon, was just trying to say that the length of the coures were about right, if a break in non-coastal woodhill was possible the times would have came down dramticly.

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 2 May 2006, 11:28 PM  
Well Jeff, I thought the event was really awesome, and there wasn't any criticism about my courses. I even enjoyed the weather.

I would suggest that the shorter courses be less technical. Its okay for course one elites to be lost for an extra twenty minutes but I think the majority get a bit disheartened with so many hard controls in a row.

One of the exciting things about these races is the mass start and running with others. I would have liked to see a a few more controls before a "split loop" on course 1. I understand you have put the loops in to break up the following, but to go from the excitement of 10 people to 5 people after the first control was disapointing. It was interesting to note that the packs split up very easily over the whole distance and I spent the second to last map with only Rob J and the last map by myself.

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