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Great Day O

Show Profile  nick Posted: 3 May 2006, 3:07 AM  
Jeff, I did the two map course and I loved it. I'd really like to get my map back to re-live it!

I don't have any criticisms either. I thought it was superb. I liked: 1. the map/terrain
2. the relentless technical challenge
3. the physical challenge (though i was going *slow*)
4. the map/ecard change system
5. the mass start (although i missed it, i like the idea)

I thought the course reflected the nature of the terrain, and with the intense weather I really felt that I was up against nature that day. It was hard - it was bloody excellent.

For future events, it could be good to offer a different flavour - use different terrain, perhaps a different balance between technical and running legs... maybe butterfly loops through event centre ala Waitangi Weekend (but was anyone there to watch?)...

Great stuff - a really memorable event. Thanks.

Show Profile  jeffg Posted: 3 May 2006, 6:20 AM  
Thanks for the replies.
Re Neil's comment, based on % correct finishers it seems like courses 1 and 2 were actually the ones that needed less technical difficulty (or length)
Course 1 40%
Course 2 36%
Course 3 81%
Course 4 79%
Also the percentage of slowest/fastest time for each course might suggest that people on shorter courses were more prepared to push on in the face of adversity?
Course 1 118%
Course 2 153%
Course 3 237%
Course 4 306%

I think the dual aims of having a (NZ) control picking record/SportIdent showpiece and an ultralong O event in the spirit of the GDO were sort-of compatible but not completely. Not feeling bound to 30 controls/map, and less gratuitous use of SI-friendly loops would have helped with the course lengths. Events like this probably don't need any butterfly loops at all, as attrition and route choice can do the job of breaking up packs. As Greg suggested, it would have been good to use some of the faster terrain across the road, which becomes a challenge getting access to all the maps on one day. Having an orange/yellow course would have been good for the multisport/AR types, most of whom were still full of running but whose brains were completely fried.
Tania thought there should be a national ultralong champs. Given its physical demands, when in our busy calendar should such an event be put?

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 3 May 2006, 7:53 AM  
Is this turning into another season debate.

Spring - Ultra Long Champs (Winter Classic type events)
Summer - Post New Years Carnival
End of Summer to Queens Birthday - Area Champs and Nationals

Show Profile  YeahYeahNah Posted: 3 May 2006, 8:21 AM  
Nah Nah Yeah! The season debate rulz!!

Hang on a minute, *what* season?!

Show Profile  SJ Posted: 3 May 2006, 10:19 AM  
I see what you mean Greg. I think you are right that perhaps there could have been some coastal and some inland. For example, on my 3-map course, perhaps coastal-inland-coastal...?

And I also agree with Neil that perhaps splits further into the first leg would be good, as the fields did seem to be broken up pretty much immediately.

There are possibly a few improvements such as these that could make the future GDOs even better!




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