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WOC Selection 2005

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 17 August 2004, 3:35 AM  
Hey, as the second member of the one-man fan club, just wondering what the story is with trials for WOC next year.

Have the selection races been announced?

Will ther selectors look at some young blood? Or will they continue with the "old school" who have never really kicked on (the latter is indicated by the training camp selections).

I would love to see NZ take out a top ten or even a podium finish one of these days, especially in the relay. Isn't it time we started bamking on athletes like Edwards, Prince and Mills to see us into the future?

Show Profile  jeffg Posted: 17 August 2004, 5:03 AM  
What/who are the training camp selections?

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 17 August 2004, 11:48 AM  
oh no I think most people have got the wrong idea. There was no selections to the training camp in Japan, there were allocations.
Because there was money involved the decision was not for selectors so the selectors have not indicated anything about their likely team next year.

The management allocated money to Darren, Rob J, Karl, Chris, Rebecca, Tania, Penny, and Rachel?

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 17 August 2004, 2:06 PM  
Just putting 2005 on one side for a mo and thinking about say 2022 - how about Kaia Jorgensen-Adams??? Well done Jenni and Carsten:-))))

Show Profile  darren Posted: 17 August 2004, 2:13 PM  
Maybe the training camp allocations were made based entirely on the current National rankings? 4 of the top 5 men (not counting Carsten) and 4 of the top 5 women have been chosen. I believe Mark (ranked #2) and Marquita (ranked #1) were not available to go.
Maybe I've got it wrong but I thought rankings were based on the results of orienteering races?

There is no reason to expect that the 8 going to Japan for the training camp won't be serious contenders for WOC next year.

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 17 August 2004, 2:43 PM  
But there is Darren, Did they actually ask any of those 8 if they were wanting to be serious contenders.

Also the rankings are made up of races in NZ from the start of this year, so 2 steep maps and the rest flat sand dune, nothing like WOC'05

But on Jamies point, are there going to be selection races and will everyone know what the story is with selections for overseas people.

Show Profile  darren Posted: 17 August 2004, 11:57 PM  
Greg, I can't speak for the other seven but I was recently called regarding both my availability for the training camp and committment for the 2005 WOC. All squad members were asked to indicate this availability, as well as availability for WOC 2004 and the test match races against Aussie, in a survey earlier this year. So I guess to answer your question, Yes everyone has been asked, although some probably were too lazy to return the survey (usually the case) and will no doubt be moaning about it now.
It is my understanding that there will be selection races sometime around Queens Birthday next year, although I have not seen any official announcement, probably because dates and venues are still being decided on.

This message was edited by darren on 18 August 2004, 7:02 AM

Show Profile  Natalie Posted: 18 August 2004, 3:09 AM  
Oooh are Jenni and Carten mummies and daddies already??? That is awesome news, congrats guys!!! All the best

Thanks for that Michael!

Oh, and also, I don't think anyone should be criticising the allocations for the training camp, no one can dispute that these people are pretty much all at the top of the NZ elite field consistently at the moment, and are most likely to stay that way at the very least until after Japan WOC.

I think we would all agree that they would be the group of people you would pick as the ones to beat if you wanted a place in the WOC team, which pretty much justifies their spot in the allocation.

This message was edited by Natalie on 18 August 2004, 10:17 AM

Show Profile  The Clem Posted: 18 August 2004, 5:37 AM  
I was watching Wayne scribble away in his liitle A4 excercise book the other month and he pretty much well had all the known events dated and ordered in a list so as best to fit in training camps and trials. Basically the idea was to aim for at least a couple of training camps next year with a New Zealand based selection trial around Q'Bday (at the time it was thought that those wanting to make the team needed to attend the New Zealand trial for selection).
In the meantime while Wayne and Trish have been sorting out the Aussie test, they and Rob C have also been enquiring after potential maps and training opportunities. In making these enquiries they've kept in mind what it is people believe are required of areas for training and trials (you only need to quietly mull around an event, or take note of this forum, to hear a broad range of opinions and concensus). Eventual decisions will include a bit of dicusion with the selectors as to how it's all going to fit in togeather.
Most of this is pretty accurate, as of just over a month ago, but don't take it as gospel as there's always room for change. For all those interested I'm picking that some sort of initial outline of what's happening should appear in the coming month. This should help in planning,training etc... as we build up to WOC 2005.

Show Profile  jeffg Posted: 18 August 2004, 8:43 AM  
Yes, congratulations Jenni and Carsten! Hope all are doing well.
No pressure from the O community or anything, but everyone is hoping that Kaia will opt for an NZ passport.
Re the subject of trials, I wonder if there will be selection trials for elite (and other) teams for the ANZ Challenge?

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 18 August 2004, 9:23 AM  
Awesome news re the latest addition to the NZ orienteering community.

Jenni (I know you won't be rushing up to check maptalk) but does Kaia have long legs and red hair or short legs and blonde hair?

Show Profile  Alistair Posted: 18 August 2004, 2:42 PM  
Just a little point regarding the planning of selection races - the long race should be the last race of any trial weekend. This is so the (pathetic) athletes who just want to be middle/sprint specialists get to run against the (real) orienteers who plan to run the classic - when they all have non-glycogen-depleted legs.

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 18 August 2004, 2:50 PM  
Why would you choose a NZ passport over a EU one, For starters if Kaia makes the Danish team everyting is basicly paid for and looked after for you, NZ well only if your are lucky enough to have it 'allocated'. And even if Kaia does not make the Danish team then she could always just opt to be in the NZ team like other people in the past.

Show Profile  Alistair Posted: 18 August 2004, 3:02 PM  
Unless the Danes have draconian citizenship rules (single country etc) I'd imagine Kaia can have both passports and then run for whoever she wants. My son Mikael has NZ, UK, and will soon have Swedish too.

Show Profile  Jenni Posted: 20 August 2004, 7:29 PM  
Hi Everyone!
Just got home, well a few hours ago now and am right now waiting for Kaia to wake up from one of her longest sleeps ever. I think it was a pretty exhausting morning for her, which started with a blood test at 7:30am and her first ride in a car and a visit to Yvette and Ollie before she got home and could sleep in her own bed for the first time. So she hasn't had much time so far to consider her citizenship options. At this stage we're trying to make sure she will be Danish for at least the next few months so she can get whatever care she needs with the least possible hassle. It seems the Danes are pretty draconian and Carsten thinks you can only have one passport and we might have to have a lie detector test about whether we had sex at the right time to prove Carsten is the father, for her to be Danish! Not quite but we might be questioned about it.

I'm mostly interested that she is healthy and not too worried about her orienteering abilities at this stage. And that seems all OK at the moment. Carsten has checked out her calves and thinks they're long and skinny like Kenyans! And the doctor who exmained her the other day said she's got strong legs. She is below average in height and weight at the moment although her legs and arms do look kind of long but I'm not really sure. She apparently has almost exactly the same birth statistics as Carsten had, he was the same length but 100g heavier, if that means anything. Mum doens't know how long I was but I definitely weighed a few hundred grams more. When Yvette saw her this moring she said, "uhh she looks like Carsten and I don't usually think babies look like their parents". I think she looks like gollum but I'd never thought Carsten and gollum were much alike!? At the moment her hair is dark, as I think both Carsten and I, had when we were born and we both went blonde after that and then I went brown (or whatever colour you think my hair is!).

At this stage we're hoping to make a family (me, Carsten, Kaia and my Mum) journey to the Danish WOC training camp in 10 days time. It starts in Uppsala and I can't resist going orienteering again on my favourite maps! Mum and I actually walked around an O event in nice sand dune terrain the day before she was born... (I think she was born almost exactly 24 hours after we finished the course - I never thought she would come on time! (She was born on the 15th and due on the 14th or 16th depending on which scan report you read...) If I'd known she had a reasonable chance of coming I might not have insisted Carsten drive us 5 hours over to Jutland to the event! (It was the Danish middle distance champs so I thought Carsten should run out of respect for the event. He wasn't onto it enough and was a bit behind the ones whose home terrain it is - Mum and I were 17 mins behind the winner on our course, 90 compared to 73 so I think that's OK! )

On the actual subject of this posting. I'm quite keen to trial for WOC next year at this stage but I doubt I would be able to return to NZ in June. Is it true you're going to have to go to the trials in NZ?

Oops I hear some wimpering noises...

This message was edited by Jenni on 21 August 2004, 4:41 AM

Show Profile  Ã…sa Posted: 21 August 2004, 3:24 PM  
Oh.. Jenni! Can't you send me en e-mail or give me a call, if/when you are in Uppsala?! It would be so nice to meet you again, and especially the new addition to your family! Please..., phone#: 018-242025, cellphone: 073-7166446

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