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2005 Oceania Orienteering Carnival

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 3 September 2004, 2:14 PM  
Re the middle distance race, my interpretation is that day is a WRE middle distance race for elites, and a "multiday" ie shorter classic for everyone else. Sigh, where's that brick wall I usually bang my head against whenever this issue comes up?

Seeing as I'd like a MD, you can probably guess my opinion on the sprint. Bring. It. On. Pretty please make it a Fri or a Mon - the 14th is good!, to help those who can't do the whole carnival decide which weekend to come for.

Looking forward to seeing/hearing Jamie running with bells on. How cute.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 4 September 2004, 5:44 AM  
When you say the next day is "only a multi-day" I think I'm going to choose Sat 15 as a Superseries day. Doesn't mean you can't have a sprint on the 14th, the other alternatives all have their drawbacks.

I would consider a sprint as a SS event subject to location, planner and controller, but I need to know soon.

I would say forget about electronic punching, its something else to go wrong and can divert you from the basics.


PS Can you make it a requirement to wear swimsuits like in the olympics?

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 4 September 2004, 4:38 PM  
I would be happy to wear bells and a bikini.

But perhaps its more Neils sex appeal that you are trying to capture?

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 6 September 2004, 3:35 AM  
Sprint sounds great! Forget about SportIdent and just focus on good courses and great terrain.

Show Profile  A1 Posted: 6 September 2004, 8:13 AM  
you can't have a sprint race without sportident - its just not right! besides, using SI allows better courses and better use of the terrain, and its so easy to use - why would you bother with anything else!

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 6 September 2004, 3:33 PM  
Why is just about everyone saysing forget about SI, we should be trying to make every event in NZ SI, it makes life easy and yes you can have better courses without cheating. SI is easy and hardly anything ever goes wrong unless some person does something wrong.

Show Profile  That Claire Girl Posted: 6 September 2004, 3:40 PM  
Sport Ident is the best - if it is possible to have it, then it is definatly a plus!

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 6 September 2004, 5:24 PM  
Without knowing the specifics, I suspect there are a limited number of SI boxes in Auckland, and their movement from one event to another is a logistical exercise. An additional event movement may not be welcome.

More fundamentally, let us think about what technology is doing to us. E-punching means less work on results but more work in advance. OCAD means more up-to-date maps but to run an event needs computer work and sending a file to the copy shop; we used to just pick up some maps off someone's shelf. I worry that running events is becoming too skilled a task, when we should be able to run them at the drop of a hat, school kids should be able to do it. They can kick a ball around the playground, do you see them racing round with maps?

I expect to enjoy Wednesday night's shoestring rogaine. There probably won't be any sort of marker at the control points, but there's still a strategic and navigational challenge, we can still work out our scores. Cheating, of course you can but who are you kidding?


Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 7 September 2004, 3:09 AM  
In this time of increased fear brought upon us by the ever present threat of terrorism, there is a need for understanding and tolerance.

There is a time and a place for everything - homosexuality, radiohead, destiny church, Greg Flynn, the worship of Allah with or without the martyrdom of Ali and sportident.

Blessed be all those creatures and trees that dwell upon this earth and may joy fountain through their veins and happiness resonate from them like radiation from the sun.

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 7 September 2004, 3:09 AM  
I suspect that the Sport Ident units will already be in use for the Oceania Carnival. I doubt the organisers will be willing to move the units and stands around for another event in the midst of a very congested week.

No offense to Simon and Martin, but you probably don't have the experience at using the system to run it by yourself. Therefore you will be forced to borrow the existing expertise which will be understress during the carnvival.

Using traditional clipping over SportIdent will not alter who will win the race.

Show Profile  mark Posted: 7 September 2004, 3:39 AM  
It might not alter who wins the race, but it probably will alter who enters the race. Some people won't bother entering a budget event that doesn't have electronic punching when they have it for the rest of the carnival.

This message was edited by mark on 7 September 2004, 10:40 AM

Show Profile  Natalie Posted: 7 September 2004, 3:52 AM  
Why? SI is cool and makes racing easier, but I think that sprint races are a novelty and pretty much everyone enjoys having a blast on a different kind of map at a bit more pace than usual, and there aren't that many of them on our calendar, so I would have thought that most people would be keen to give it a nudge regardless of the type of punching. Also because lots of people will be travelling quite a way to race the Oceania Champs, it makes sense to get in as much racing as you can, so I can't see why you would make your decision based on punching method rather than race variety, spare time and most of all fun!

Show Profile  Martin Posted: 7 September 2004, 4:34 AM  
Interesting discussion, as always. Sounds like people are keen.

We want this to be as stress free as possible for the Oceania organisers, and have already looked at several of the issues raised in the forum. We have been in contact with the carnival coordinator and as the saying goes 'the balls in their court'.

Andrew, we have someone lined up who has the expertise to run the sport ident - and is willing to do so.

Show Profile  Ellmo1769 Posted: 7 September 2004, 5:49 AM  
According to me schoolkids can run events. A week ago Emma Watson and I set an event which was a score event (Orienteering). We used premarked maps and I updated the maps myself. Sure we didn't have Sport Ident but on the whole I'd say technology isn't that hard to use and schoolkids are usually better at using it than some of the older folk anyway.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 7 September 2004, 6:22 AM  
Good on you Elmo. And have you run one this week yet? They've been kicking the ball around every day you know...

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