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Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 15 August 2003, 11:00 PM  
Russia have withdrawn as host of next year's JWOC. Could not guarantee visas for all participating countries. IOF now looking for an alternative host but list will be short - not many countries capable of putting on the event at short notice.

Show Profile  fancy_michael Posted: 17 August 2003, 12:30 PM  
YODA will hold it!

Show Profile  bendover Posted: 7 September 2003, 7:27 AM  
scotland are bidding for it.

Show Profile  Alistair Posted: 7 September 2003, 11:52 AM  
So are Finland

Show Profile  AKLexpress Posted: 20 September 2003, 3:33 AM  
Any new knowledge/decisions on JWOC next year? Trial races are being held during the Southern 6-Day (5/6 races are trials), could the trials be any further away from where prospective members live?

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 20 September 2003, 3:58 AM  
Any potential JWOC applicants not going to the southern six day don't have the necessary commitment or desire for orienteering.

Where do you want the trials...on woodhill?

If you're not prepared to travel the country maybe you shouldn't be considering travelling the world?

Show Profile  addison Posted: 24 September 2003, 4:30 AM  
Jamie, JWOC Trials may seem a non-event for yourself and therefore you can write stuff like you have just written.

But for us that it does matter to here it is:

- You have said commitment or desire? Maybe if we are committed to JWOC we intend to spend a long time before the event in europe. This costs money, and a trip to the south island right in the middle of our prime money making season (working), does not help financially.

- The Southern Six Day should not have so many trial races, as the point of a trial is to see how you handle pressure as well as your orienteering skills. By watering down this pressure, means that we cannot experience the pressure of a 1-off.

- Wouldnt a trial on woodhill or something similar be best, as I understand that most people who are talking of going to JWOC are from the north island.

- The fact that Jamie wrote what he has written, is probably because he is from Dunedin and it is his event. Trying to lure a bit more competition to his own backdoor? And as Jamie has said, it is a competition that is one of the only chances to have a social time. Why not let it be social for the majority of the time for us JWOC trialists?

Just a few thoughts.

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 25 September 2003, 3:36 AM  
Ahh the advantages of being on an IOF committee - applications have been received for next years JWOC - if I was a betting man start organising your Polish visas.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 25 September 2003, 5:07 AM  

I'll be the judge of what I care about.

"why not let it be social for the majority of the time for us JWOC trialists?"

Simon, if you were a legitimate JWOC candidate you would be sniffing out any orienteering races you could find and racing them hard. Social times are for punters like me with no immediate personal goals in orienteering.

The soutern six day trials are ideal as...

The terrain is totally unfamiliar
You will be living in an unfamiliar environment
It may well be very hot, especially at Naseby
They will be technically good events, already organised
6 months gives you time to fundraise/organise your trip.

Simon, if you are seriously thinking about missing the only decent events in a period of 4 months when you are training for JWOC, you should not be thinking about going

Two words

Harden up.

Show Profile  Marquita G Posted: 26 September 2003, 11:07 AM  
Well said, Jamie.

Show Profile  bendover Posted: 26 September 2003, 11:29 AM  
got to agree. all the evidence suggests that the only way you are going to do well at JWOC is to do lots of training, but more importantly to do lots and lots of orienteering. then you don't make lots of big mistakes. simple really. you just have to be able to orienteer first.

god i can be arrogant sometimes.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 26 September 2003, 1:34 PM  
Take note of that Simon,

Bens the biggest guy ever to get top thirty at JWOC (or was it top twenty).

And the temperature was 40 degrees.

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 27 September 2003, 1:03 AM  
And Jamie's not the biggest guy ever to DNF ... (sorry, couldn't resist)

To quote: "why not let it be social for the majority of the time for us JWOC trialists?"

Thinking about it, given how social JWOC is treated, the six day is the perfect time and place for aspiring team members to party hard and pretend they're running in a serious competition - good practice for the real thing :-)

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 1 October 2003, 4:24 AM  
Perhaps surviving a couple of nights in Gore should also be compulsory for JWOC triallists. From my experiences in at least 50% of Poland it would be an ideal test to see who will capable of surviving the culture shock of being in a place where most people exhibit a kind of crimson-necked parochialism, don't speak english, have no interest in interacting with foreigners and only care about where their next drink is coming from. Don't think that Gore is full of gorgeous women though, so I don't know how you'd trial for that particular distraction...

...and I guess now that's on the net, I'm never going back to Poland or Gore again...

Show Profile  addison Posted: 6 October 2003, 1:52 PM  
I think all parties involved in the NZOF need to read a policy posted on the national website. Telling me to harden up, when all i was stating was NZOF Policy, is perhaps idiotic.

I suggest you have a read Jamie, and anyone who has an involvement in this matter. And I have suggested via email to Marquita that maybe this policy needs to be reviewed.


Show Profile  AKLexpress Posted: 6 October 2003, 2:21 PM  
Some thoughts and ideas

Pretty much everyone who's gonna be trialing for JWOC next year will be a student and apparently "the location of any trial shall take into consideration where triallists are domiciled so that no major expense is incurred by triallists to compete". Just out of interest is anyone from Dundein trialing ?

A fair few of us have already travelled an even further distance this season, such as Australia and have put in notable performances. Shouldn't this be evidence enough of our commitment.

The terrain is totally unfamiliar - and quite alot of people ran on it last year in two events before the nationals. Simon and I have both just run on gold mining areas in Aussie. I can only think of one map that I am absolutely familiar with.

You will be living in an unfamiliar environment - with everyone we normally go orienteering with and know

It may well be very hot, especially at Naseby - Australia is hot too. What were the temperatures this weekend down there?

They will be technically good events, already organised
There are technical maps in the north island alsol, but I'll give you that they are already organised, and hopefully there'll be decent competition like there has been at big events this year. I've been running M21 this year at the OYs to get some more competition.

Is the 125% of elite mens k rate being used as a benchmark?

6 months gives loads of time.


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