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Best schoolboy orienteer in the history of the sport in New Zealand

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 11 March 2003, 9:56 AM,2106,2308704a1823,00.html Link

Show Profile  MAMBO339 Posted: 11 March 2003, 11:06 AM  

Show Profile  addison Posted: 11 March 2003, 12:24 PM  
Fraser! all i can say is the reporter is a dickhead

Show Profile  Alistair Posted: 11 March 2003, 2:00 PM  
For once I agree with Simon. This guy knows nothing

Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 11 March 2003, 2:14 PM  

Didn't team New Zealand try to go through the hills?

Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 11 March 2003, 2:14 PM  
"Orienteering is like the America's Cup. You have to get from one point to another, but you can choose the best route and whether you go over a hill or round it.

Didn't team New Zealand try to go through the hills?

Edited by - stu barr on 11/03/2003 22:16:11

Show Profile  mark Posted: 12 March 2003, 1:54 AM  
As far as orienteering articles go, that is a pretty good one.
Simon probably is the best schoolboy orienteer in terms of secondary schools race results.
Anyone that mocks him is probably just jealous that it is not them in the article.

Show Profile  lapun Posted: 13 March 2003, 8:40 AM  
One big thing in the reporter's favour: he read our results & it was his idea to do a story concentrating on this successful competitor. The reporter, unprompted, contacted the club publicity officer & then Mike Grayburn before talking to Simon.

Show Profile  maskofsomething Posted: 3 April 2003, 5:06 AM  
Yea, Id agree with all of you on this one. Simon is the best secondary school boy but is that because he doesnt have quality competiton or is it because he is too good for us.

Show Profile  fancy_michael Posted: 3 April 2003, 10:19 AM  
There's no doubt that Simon has done very well and convincingly won several national champs. But for him to be called "The best ever" is a stupid statement, because there's no way of comparing people from different years -in a sport with as variable a field as Orienteering in this country. I personally don't think that the competition in his age group is anywhere near the standard of the Karl, Stu, Neil, Fraser, Brent (?), Michal etc age group. So it's less surprising that he's able to dominate.
Then again... any article about Orienteering is a good article in my opinion.

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 4 April 2003, 1:33 AM  
Not to mention Richard Bolt although I guess he wasn't that great when he was at school, but in his final years as a junior.

He was also good at drinking beer. Rumour has it that once he drank 15 beers and was still standing!

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 4 April 2003, 1:37 AM  
when I was a lad.....we walked ten miles to school in bare feet....

seriously, there is no doubt Landels etc were awesome athletes, I wouldn't hesitate to say their comparative 5km times would be far superior (5 minutes?) to Simon Addison. Probably also superior to Fraser Mills etc down to Stu, Aaron and myself (2 minutes?).

but then comparing to the elite??? Thats just ridiculous and depends entirely upon who there was to race.....who did they beat when they were at school? Rob Garden??? Dave, the greatest american hero, Melrose. Time for a bit of objectivity.

and what about Richard Bolt/ Peter Ambler they must have had wheels.

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 4 April 2003, 2:36 AM  
A history lesson for you Jamie

World Championships 1987 - an 18 or 19 y.o. boy called Alistair Landels qualifies for the final and runs 47th. Putting that in perspective, it would be like saying Ross Morrison gets in the WOC team this year and qualifies for a final. Chances?

There are similarities between the young lads of the late 80's and the late 90's but the difference is Landels, Jessop and Hill went and succeeded at elite level pretty quickly AND ran respectable international races. This year we will be relying on the likes of Lawson and Barbour again at WOC.

Show Profile  maskofsomething Posted: 4 April 2003, 4:39 AM  
Yea ok, Simon isnt the best ever schoolboy in the country but at the time he is. Perhaps the author of the article was suggesting that he was the best at the moment instead of all time. I personally have not had the chance to read the article but from previous experience I can confidently say that he is the best at the moent with only Robert beating him of late. I feel the key to his success is he can handle the major events and too many people say this year im going to beat addison. I feel it would be better if we all went out on our own race and not worried about beating him. This years nationals grade is top class in M18, look forward to some keen and exciting racing over those days of easter.


Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 4 April 2003, 6:37 AM  
Anyone remember when Simon Addsion made his elite debut. Wellington Short Champs 2002. (and it wasnt that pretty) Honestly Simon or anyone else who has serious thoughts about running up the grades stay as a Junior till your time comes up.

This years Nationals at Easter will have the largest group of M18 since the Halconian days of yester year. Just because someone is dominating the scene now they will dominate it in years to come.

For Simon and other juniors, it can be very easy to rest on your lureuls and walse to national titles as a Junior, and infact sometimes walste your way to the Junior World Champs.

But two things quickly put a stop to our childish enthusiam. Firstly being thrashed by Urkranian freaks who know how to train and are dedicated. And secondly being thrashed in consectutive Elite Races in New Zealand when you thought you where actually orienteering ok.

It only gets exponentially harder but if you are dedicated and train seriously there is no reason why you cant be an outstanding elite in the years to come.

Keep it real gals and boys.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 4 April 2003, 8:05 AM  
Stop talking about me ffs. im not even that good. look at me of late. i prob wont win north islands in a week because of ongoing problems with my knee and the effect of that on my training.

to be honest, i cant train on roads or hard ground. my specilaist (chiefs dr - sports specialist) is letting run hard in niss and nationals just for a run. at this current point im am not allowed to play rugby until i finish having a series of steroid injections into my knee, and then ascess where i am with it.

hopefully i can be back to 100% for nzss champs in nelson, but i still reckon martin can prob beat me now. so o well.

Edited by - Simon Addison on 4/04/2003 21:45:33

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