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World Schools 2013

Show Profile  PhillipH Posted: 17 April 2013, 1:47 PM  
Wednesday 17th, World Schools Middle distance race starting at 8.30pm NZ time. Monte Gordo, Portugal.

Event website if

Team website :

Arrival video :

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 18 April 2013, 3:21 PM  
I would stay up late (even to 9:30) if there was anything to follow:-)) What' s happening, the website is in Portuguese and nothing on the team blog. Is it all on FB somewhere? Isn't Dio there too? Have we become two countries like Belgium?

Show Profile  MikeB Posted: 18 April 2013, 3:47 PM  
Go on the event website above click on resultados ao vivo then click on distancia media. It has all the results.

After the middle Dio is in 4th placing in the Senior Girls grade behind teams from Sweden, Latvia and France.

Lauren Holmes 27.55 8th, Gemma Scown 32.26 17th, Hayley Ewen 37.36 25th, Hannah Pitman-Bell 47.29 41st and Catherine Andrew 46th 48.03. The top three count towards team placings. That's apretty fair result for a slightly understrength team that's minus Alice Tilley.

The winners time was 21.38. The Swedes were 1,2,3,5 and 10 so pretty dominant with Latvians 4,5 and 7.

I haven't yet worked out the Napier results although Devon Beckman finished 10th in Senior Boys The long distance is tomorrow.

Show Profile  Dwayne Posted: 18 April 2013, 3:50 PM  
Full results for the middle on winsplits
The Junior boys did very well with 3 in the top 10

Show Profile  Dwayne Posted: 18 April 2013, 5:35 PM  
Michael, there is also a translation button at the top left of the page. Click the little "en" (for English). The articles aren't translated, but the menu items will be.

Show Profile  Rog Posted: 19 April 2013, 9:31 AM  
English Website is at:

Its worth checking out all the bulletins.

"New Zealand Delegation" photo in Bulletin 4
Will Tremain and Georgia Creagh highlighted in Bulletin 5 plus they are on the "About Event" page

See Team Results in Bulletin #7 Go NZL!

Plus there is other interesting stuff in the Bulletins about whats happening.

See all the official videos at:


World Schools Orienteering Championships Middle Results:


Show Profile  Rog Posted: 19 April 2013, 9:48 AM  
1 SWE 01:03:13
2 FRA 01:05:59
3 NZL Napier Boys High School 01:15:42
4 ITA 01:18:42
5 ESP 01:18:55
6 ENG 01:19:43

1 POR 01:01:26
2 NZL Napier Boys High School 01:05:08
3 POL 01:23:57
4 CHN 01:24:26
5 EST 01:26:55
6 SCO 01:27:21

1 SWE 01:07:30
2 LAT 01:18:01
3 FRA 01:26:42
4 NZL Diocesan School 01:37:57
5 POR 01:41:07
6 SLO 01:41:12

1 CZK 01:10:42
2 AUT 01:14:16
3 LAT 01:14:50
4 SCO 01:22:18
5 POL 01:33:16
6 NZL Napier Boys High School 01:36:40

Source: Bulletin 7 Page 9

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 19 April 2013, 11:51 AM  
Ahhh, all this hiding behind the little characters pt en! Thank you, I'm used to looking for a wee British flag. But nothing on the blog for a week? Team JWOC, is yours gonna be any better?

Show Profile  thomasr Posted: 19 April 2013, 3:24 PM  
Looking good NZ! Nice work.

Show Profile  Rog Posted: 20 April 2013, 7:42 AM  
Bulletin 8 is available.

Long Results

Long Splits

Show Profile  hughff Posted: 23 April 2013, 2:56 AM  
Event has finished.

Junior Boys School: Napier Boys High School was 2nd 8 minutes behind the hosts and half an hour ahead of 3rd(Jackson Plumpton 3rd and Fraser Geddes 9th in Long; Reuben Sweetapple 4th Will Tremain 8th and Jackson 9th in Middle. An outstanding result to get so many podium places.)

Senior Boys School: Napier Boys' High School was 4th by 5 mins over 4.23 hours(Devon Beckman 10th in Middle; Callum Herries 10th and Devon 15th in the Long.)

Senior Girls School: Dio was 4th 30 mins behind Latvia (Lauren Holmes 8th in the Middle; Hayley Ewen 12th and Hannah Pitman-Bell 14th in the long)

Senior Girls Select: Napier Girls High School was 8th, an excellent result given a single school team was competing against the best individuals from the other countries. (Brianna Massie was 14th in the Middle and 16th in the Long; Vida Fox was 19th in the Long)

Junior Girls School: Napier Girls High School was 8th (Georgia Creagh was 20th in the Middle and 12th in the Long)

Friendship Relay (teamed with two others): Molly D'Ath (NGHS senior) with an English and a French Junior was 3rd; Will Tremain (NBHS junior) with a Spanish senior and Belgian French senior was 5th. Olivia Beckman was 8th with a Portugal and a Slovenian. In the Officials' Race Greg Edmonds was 3rd with a Slovenian and an Englishman.

Both maps were pretty tough. The middle was very technical forestted sand dunes with "ground cover" that was above head height at times. SOme runners took over 90 minutes.

The long was probably even tougher; it was largely without trees but it was almost uninterrupted green stripe which was basically gorse. Derek, of course, ran it in shorts and reckoned it wasn't nasty but most of us were bleeding even under leg cover. Many coaches were complaining but it was the same race for everyone. The coaches left on their run nearly an hour after the last athletes and I had to help two Belgians to the last few controls. At the end their coach was beside himself as he was convinced they were in danger - one of them was out 3.37.40. That's not a typo - over three and a half hours!

Apologies for the lack of updates on the team website. There were 2 computers with net access and no wifi at the accomodation for 650 competitors and officials. I sent a single press release after each event out which, it seems, was universally ignored by everyone except one Hawke's Bay community newspaper - who editted out most of it anyway.

There was extensive discussion initiated by the ISF Technical Committee on the difficulty of organising the event which is now bigger than any other they run (eg athletics, cross country). There will be changes in future based around reducing the number of participants.

I better post this.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 23 April 2013, 9:52 AM  
Well done everyone. An unrelated comment about the internet. A high proportion of cafes I went to in Europe last year had free wifi (while in NZ its still not that common and sometimes you even have to PAY!) I'm somewhat surprised that a European event catering for tech-savvy youth would not have good internet facilities.

Show Profile  Dwayne Posted: 23 April 2013, 10:18 AM  
If they really were tech savvy (and wanted to) they would have found a way. My guess is there was way too much other fun stuff to see and people to do.

Show Profile  hughff Posted: 23 April 2013, 9:30 PM  
Dwayne is not wrong. Wifi access was largely for facebooking and stodgy me used his limited access to keep in e-mail touch with his own children instead of the larger ori community. Sorry about that.

An additional note now that I'm not being monitored over my shoulder - special thanks need to be made to two people.

The first is Karen Beckman who did a lot of the organising of the tour, including finding and booking the Sun-O camp. The preparation that we did there was invaluable and I'm sure results wouldn't have been so good had we not trained on that terrain.

Second is the overseer of that training - Derek Morrison. He, as always, gave detailed and sage advice and everyone learnt much about how to be a better orienteer.

Show Profile  MikeB Posted: 24 April 2013, 5:26 AM  
Hugh I would have to agree on your comments re Derek and the final preparation for all the kids at Sun O. From the emails I received from Jenny Cade the Dio team manager the girls learnt so much from him about the terrain and how best to interpret it.

The Dio team were as fit as we could have made them and had been training since before Xmas, all had been to the Nationals in Chch but having that extra week in Sun O certainly made the difference. It was the best decision made to make the trip the success it was.

Derek is the man when it comes to the final days leading up to a big event. The results in the Southern Cross Challenge bear witness to that. I'm very surprised he had never been awarded the Coach of the Year Award a lot earlier than 2013.

Show Profile  rob.g Posted: 24 April 2013, 8:53 AM  
I'd love to see the results if the best of NZ were sent as a school team.

Great to hear more great reports about Derek's coaching.

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