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SuperSeries 2003

Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 20 November 2002, 4:24 AM  
Why should the Nationals be worth more? After all it is just another race where you have to beat everybody. It is worth more anyway because you have National titles up for grabs. I think all events should be worth the same, whether it is a 150 minute or 15 minute winning time.

Show Profile  Natalie Posted: 20 November 2002, 4:36 AM  
I agree with most of the above ideas, some great ideas about making the Super Series into a really big deal (as it should be).

But I also think that the Nationals should be included. All events should count, and I think the range of events proposed by Fraser is good.

Michael - did I see somewhere recently an event in Canterbury in February advertised? This could be a good start to the Super Series, an event in the South Island and a warm up for the Easter/Anzac carnival.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 20 November 2002, 6:06 AM  
Greg suggested...

> Maybe we could send out something to the organisers of the events that Fraser has listed and ask them if they would be able to put on their event to this SS standard.

Yes I would see that as part of the series organiser's job. I am keen to do this if NZOF will employ me, my present commission goes only to the end of January.

At this stage there are bugger-all organisers to ask because there are few events applied for next year. So the ideal of being able to choose suitable events is pie in the sky. Unless we just have a series based on Easter-Anzac.


Show Profile  Michael Posted: 20 November 2002, 6:12 AM  
Natalie wrote...

> did I see somewhere recently an event in Canterbury in February advertised? This could be a good start to the Super Series, an event in the South Island and a warm up for the Easter/Anzac carnival.

You might have, but in spite of writing to all clubs two months ago asking them for their help in compiling the superseries whoever it was has not told me or the Technical Convenor Bruce Henderson.

I did hear a rumour about a "South Island Champs" in Southland in Feb, but as they ran the SI Champs last year it is more likely to be the SouthLAND Champs.


Show Profile  Michael Posted: 20 November 2002, 6:17 AM  
Fraser wrote...

>A spring to autumn series is a waste of time, especially if you consider that there is now at least three months till when the next Super Series event would normally be. For this reason I think it makes more sense just to stick to a calendar year.

I hear that the southern clubs are planning a big event in Jan 03. Then in Jan 04 we'll have the ANZ Challenge. So there may be summer events in at least half of the years.

Nothing is cast in stone, I'm still listening.


Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 20 November 2002, 7:32 AM  
Hey Michael, that sounds really good, especially if that Queens Birthday event with the winter classic comes through.

Can I make a suggestion for the start of next years super series.....

lateish February...Southland Champs...two days on the lovely Overton Forest first used 2002 South Island Champs, possibly extended?

then another event between Nationals and QB...Otago Champs...not sure of the maps, but at least a club with a good technical reputation. Perhaps only the first day would count? Or at least that day advertised as the Championship day, these are generally the days with the best/newest maps.

for those of you who think that two events in the South Island is two too many, I'll list here a possible elite field, just south islanders....WOMEN, Adams, Smith, Kane, Bodger, Prince, Wallen....MEN, Markham, Prince, McLeod, Jorgenson, Adams, Cory-Wright, Stewart...

Michael, if you have a worry about Anzac counting for too much, you could perhaps count it as one (as the organisers will be) like Stu suggested, but perhaps give this result double weighting like the equivalent of two normal races

I would like to see the national relay included, why make it an exception? Apart from being my favourite race of the year its the only relay style race we have and relay based orienteering is huge worldwide.

Winnings important, but make consistency count.

I believe it is vital that QB be made compulsory, it would ridicule the series if some of the top placegetters didn't show up for the finale.

So my list for what its worth
Southland Champs (1)
Katoa Po OY (1)
Nationals (4)
Anzac (2)
Otago Champs (1)
some other NI event (1)
Queens Birthday (3)

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with Michael

Show Profile  Dave Barr Posted: 20 November 2002, 8:42 AM  
Winning (and placing) is everything in competitive sport.
Consistency just makes you win more often.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 20 November 2002, 6:15 PM  
In my post about January events I got my years wrong, they should be Jan 04 for the rumoured SI carnival and Jan 05 for the next ANZ Challenge in NZ.


Show Profile  Michael Posted: 20 November 2002, 6:24 PM  
Jamie, how do you count a relay in a series of individual races?

I would like to include inter-regional relays at some stage in the future. It would have its own score table, which implies at least a couple of them. But whereas we can plonk an individual superseries event onto an individual event without adding to the organisers' workload, a relay is a heap more work. Existing relays are run on the mixed system, we would need a 3 equal legs type relay. So it's down the track a bit.


Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 20 November 2002, 11:25 PM  
Michael, I don't see the problem with counting the mass start.

So there are a few splits, generally everything works out. I believe it is a good mass start race that simulates experiences competitors may face in foreign relays, or indeed foreign events with the increased number of competitors around...

But it should certainly be a red course

The only way we are going to make the relay change into a more worthwhile highly regarded event is paying some respect to it and showing we are interested in the concept.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 21 November 2002, 12:51 AM  
A Relay is just a different form of orienteering, as is the Short O' etc. A red course is a must. Perhaps the relay should be counted, but splits are a problem. I personally enjoy relays and would love to see it in the super series (well the mass start leg).

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 3 December 2002, 9:20 AM  
The discussion has gone all quiet again. Looks like it's time to set out a draft of the rules for the next series. Then no doubt all hell will break loose!

I am firming up on the events which might be included (largely using crystal ball having had little response from clubs) but the area I have no fixed ideas on is the scoring system (apart from thinking it needs to be entirely based on placings.) As I said, Derek will help us here but he needs to know how steeply the points should drop off below first.


Show Profile  Michael Posted: 5 December 2002, 5:55 PM  
Since discussion has stopped, I have written a description of the next Superseries as it might be, for you to get your teeth into.

It's at Link

Michael Wood

Edited by - fraser on 6/12/2002 14:56:04

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 5 December 2002, 11:56 PM  
all events will count?

will this find the best orienteer or one the most able to attend events? will this transform the superseries into some warped national OY series?

I think this is a mistake Michael

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 6 December 2002, 4:17 AM  
Jamie wrote...
> all events will count?
> I think this is a mistake Michael

Before I say why I wrote that, bear in mind that this is a draft to elicit more views and everything is still open to question.

I wrote that because
(a) that seemed to be the way the 2002 series worked, or did I get it wrong?
(b) one of the purposes of the series is to get more attendance


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