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WSSC Primiero, Italy

Show Profile  tim.a Posted: 1 June 2011, 9:25 AM  
It's the morning after Elton's Party. There is almost nothing left dockside to even show it was held !
Found out a little more about his party last night. He is a great supporter of the 'La Biennale di Venezia' - a biannual art showcase with a representative artist from each country around the world. It opens today and he had a fundraiser/ party for one of his foundations just down the dock from his house, which is right beside the Russian Art Exhibition - just along the road from us.

We had dinner from 8pm to 11pm - don't even ask ! The party was a low key jazz affair, singers, dancing, live band, sit down meal etc. The ferry boat looked great while it was all in full swing. We didn't see any celebs - about 2 papparazi on duty at the gangplank - lots of people dressed to the max going on board.

It wasn't as loud as we were expecting at all and it was a real surprise to get up and walk outside just before 6am and find the entire party boat, lights, carpet, flowers and all - just gone !

Today is our last full day in Italy - tomorrow we start our long trip home - arriving in Napier early on Saturday morning ! Don't forget to pick us up !!!!
So time for breakfast, lots of wandering around Venice and repacking.

Show Profile  tim.a Posted: 1 June 2011, 9:46 AM  
Just seen a HUGE passenger ship go past. I thought the canal / river/ inlet we were on was just for local traffic and super yachts - but no ! A HUGE cruise liner just steamed past in the channel - as big as any that arrive in Napier. Acroos the channel there are about 20 super yachts - very expensive tastes here !




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