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Where have all the orienteers gone!?

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 23 May 2010, 9:22 AM  
Are you eluding to some sort of 'season' structure Robbie?

This year hasn't been very different to any other year in terms of forest orienteering around Auckland, it just doesn't happen until after easter

Show Profile  Paul I Posted: 23 May 2010, 10:02 AM  
proper orienteering in auckland leading up to the nationals, what a spiffing idea

Show Profile  robbie Posted: 23 May 2010, 10:26 AM  
No Im not eluding to a 'season' I have never entered that debate.
I was pointing out comments from teachers.
Greg this years Auckland program is not like other years. We usually have some forest events run by the Auckland club after their summer season and North west have some events also. Counties have had events at Totara park,Duders beach and Harkers reserve, none in the forest before the Auckland Secondary Schools champs. So the teachers are correct and all three clubs have not catered for their needs.Greg---Put yourself in the position of a school teacher training students for the North Island and Auckland champs without orienteering events to go to. One leading orienteering teacher is withdrawing his services next year because of the program our clubs are offering. To me this is sad and we should fix it.
Also this has nothing to do with 'seasons' or 'rogaine'

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 23 May 2010, 10:47 AM  
It has everything to do with a season, if we dont have a season when are the events meant to be, which leads to why have a championship event before other events, the problem isn't no forest orienteering before the SS event, its the event is before the forest orienteering.

Show Profile  robbie Posted: 23 May 2010, 11:53 AM  
Dear greg! Secondary School has a season. We dont have a choice the NZ Champs. The NZ Secondary school council has us down for July and thats it.They rule. So schools season stops in July and every thing has to fit before. Thats why we have North Island first term holidays with Auckland champs between North Island and NZ champs in July. So get away from club---seasons---rogaine. Lets put on some forest orienteering events to cater for the needs of these students to prepare them for their championships. Shit getting a degree must be easy these days!

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 23 May 2010, 1:23 PM  
The fact is orienteering in general DOES NOT HAVE A SEASON!!!!!!!!!, (just about every single debate on here comes back to our sports piss poor structure)

You want the CLUBS to put on events for the SCHOOLS then the SEASON needs to be alined with CLUBS and SCHOOLS. (For Auckland to function properly, someone needs to front the schools system with some balls stating reasons why certain dates work and do not, this is another debate which has been raised before)

If we can not get into the FOREST then we can NOT hold FOREST events, did that logic exist in the 1800's. We do not control the access to Woodhill, (pretty much the only place AOC and NWOC have forested maps), and with the increasing difficulty of getting in there, everyone including the schools might be lucky to run there more than a few times a year, let alone before May

Show Profile  robbie Posted: 23 May 2010, 1:55 PM  
Greg The fact is
Counties can get into Waiuku Forest whenever they want.We had an oversight when we planned this years program and didnt consider the students or teachers. We will correct the problem next year and maybe the other clubs might do the same now we are aware that a problem exists. I will leave you to sort out the season thing Greg

Show Profile  robbie Posted: 23 May 2010, 2:08 PM  
Greg Of interest the 2008 program has Auckland with three forest events Feb/March Counties two events in the same period. Five forest events were held. The problem this year is we didnt put forest events on the aoa program

Show Profile  robbie Posted: 23 May 2010, 2:19 PM  
So Pete Swanson
I think I have just answered your question 'Where have all the orienteers gone' There are no forest orienteering events Feb/March
So they are all playing golf---badly!

Show Profile  rob.g Posted: 23 May 2010, 2:24 PM  
The big advantage with the rogaines is it is much easier to set the course than having to grapple with 7 or so courses we have traditionally done for promo events, and we have been blooding in some new course setters, and what an easy way to do that. The rogaines are attracting far more newcomers than any promo event ever has, and that has been the main goal of the series. The school kids can still get orienteering, plus we have had an evening coaching session plus an open day today with heaps of coaching, so the keen school kids have had opportunities to prepare themselves.

As far as using Woodhill forest, the charges are getting ridiculous with $400 plus fee plus for using it plus a new $300 plus gst gate fee, so we are holding fewer events there.

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 23 May 2010, 2:49 PM  
What was wrong with the 2009 stats? For even more of compelling argument why not pull some figures from 1952, since times never change.

Show Profile  robbie Posted: 24 May 2010, 2:00 AM  
rob g This thread is NOT about rogaine.I would be at the rogaines myself it wasnt for injury.
The thread was 'Where have all the orienteers gone' Pete was pointing out that the regular orienteers seem to be missing. I have identified that there have been no events in the forest this year which is probably why Pete hasnt seen any orienteers.There has been plenty of gaps in the program for some forest orienteering but the AOA hasnt put forest orienteering events on the program.

Woodhill forest fees. Thats scary! I thought there was a flat fee of $3000? regardless of how many events.

Greg wrote 'Whats wrong with the 2009 stats' Probably nothing greg I simply didnt have them handy. The 2008 stats were still on the computer. Sorry I dont have the 1952 stats but I can assure you we did have an orienteering program with plenty events.

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 24 May 2010, 2:55 AM  
Probably because the 2009 stats will show a steady decline in forest events before May, partly due to the fact that when events are held before then, no orienteers turn up (because for some stupid reason there is a mentality that orienteering is mainly a winter sport in Auckland), also with the added trouble of dealing with the access into Woodhill, and the fact that it was a very dry summer (risk of forest closure), all adds up to not wanting/being able to hold events in that time frame. The only issue is that there has been a lack of events "Before a certain event" its not that there is a lack of forest events, just that they are later.

NW identified these facts, decided to hold a Score Series between Easter and Queens B'day, call it a rogaine series to attract new people (this didn't get my vote), then proceed with the usual OY program after that, when access to Woodhill is slightly more guaranteed and as past events have proven, attendance tends to be more popular.

To summarise, most Auckland orienteers are stupid, Woodhill is becoming increasing more difficult, and we dont have a structured season.

Show Profile  pete s Posted: 24 May 2010, 2:57 AM  
Thanks Robbie - I don't think it's due to the "Forest factor" though as two of the four rogaines have been in Forest anyway, so that isn't the issue.

I could also start a similar thread about where all the orienteers have gone in relation to the CMOC promo's - very poor numbers turning up, and very dissapointing (not a criticism of CMOC) I wonder why this is happening????

Maybe as Greg says, people don't see us as "in season" yet?

Show Profile  rob.g Posted: 24 May 2010, 3:09 AM  
Woodhill is costing $5000 for a yearly concession.

I agree, Robbie it would be a better buildup for the regular orienteer or schools to have courses, but for the reasons outlined earlier we chose to go the rogaine way.

Graham Peters from Birkenhead College has been in regular contact and seen the last 2 rogaine courses the week before to see if they would suit his kids, but he has declined each time even though there have been 10 yellow and 10 orange standard controls, and he could have made courses out of them. Other schools have come and joined in the fun.

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