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Online Edition of NZ Orienteering

Show Profile  addison Posted: 6 September 2002, 11:52 AM  
The reason it says we need an index file, is the fact we have taken the site down to modify it. The whole site has been taken down. This is why it says that.

Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 8 September 2002, 10:51 AM  

This strain is breaking all kinds of records for participation, duration, content, pseudonyms and the introduction of censorship from the webmaster!


Is it all right to say things like "stick it up your a@$e you little f*!kwit", Fraser?

Or should we say "insert it into your rectum you child of unmarried parents!"

Keep cool guys. I'm not sure if Simon really did anything wrong, by offering to host the website. If it is his english that everyone detests you should check this out!

Edited by - fraser on 9/09/2002 17:57:50

Show Profile  addison Posted: 21 September 2002, 2:07 PM  
Just a comment about my website. Currently changing Web Servers. . Should be up fully within the next month, just made a quick host site so dont threat. IT AINT FINISHED. Good things take time.

We are changing it to our own Web Surver. This is still being developed, and with School Exams, Orienteering, The Beach, Rugby Events Such Time to do so is hard to come by. Dont worry, my site will be up at some stage.

But firstly, I have just made my own mp3 player in IRC script, just finishing off my new channel protection that im getting paid for :) Way better than WinAmp. Ask me for screen shots.




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