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2009 NZ O National Championships Countdown

Show Profile  Rog Posted: 8 March 2009, 1:22 PM  
There is less than three weeks to go until the entry deadline for the 2009 New Zealand Orienteering Championships.

The entries close 11:00 pm on Thursday 26th March 2009.

The 2009 New Zealand Orienteering Championship events are being run over Easter weekend (Friday 10th April to Monday 13th April 2009), including two International Orienteering Federation (IOF) World Ranking Events (WRE) and two New Zealand Orienteering Federation (NZOF) A-Grade events.

Closing date for the organisers to receive entries is 11:00 pm Thursday 26th March 2009.
Later entries will be accepted at the Controllers discretion and will be deemed to be unofficial entries at the Controllers discretion.

The start draw will be completed within 48 hours of closing date. Any entries received after the start draw will be unofficial.

You can view who has entered so far on the entries page of the event website. This is updated at least once a week on Fridays.

To enter, visit

Show Profile  Rog Posted: 8 March 2009, 1:24 PM  
Sunday Night Social Dinner Menu and Bar Facilities

The Huapai Golf Club lounge bar and function room has floor to ceiling windows that provide stunning views of the golf course. The Golf Club carries an excellent selection of beers, wines, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks for purchase and is renowned for its friendly staff.

Sample Menu:

* Glazed Champagne Ham on the bone
* Golden Battered Fish Fillets served with Lemon Caper Tartare
* Seasonal Vegetables
* Rosemary Roasted Potatoes
* Tossed Garden Salad
* Assortment of Breads and Rolls
* Tea and Coffee
* Apple Crumble + Cream

Further details on the Dinner and NZOF Presentations following the meal are available on the 2009 New Zealand Orienteering Championships website events page.

Show Profile  Rog Posted: 8 March 2009, 1:26 PM  
Results to be Faster and Easier to Read

The 2009 New Zealand Orienteering Championships will feature results boards that will be continuously updated at least every 15 minutes, if not continuously. Finding and reading your results will be easier and clearer - with larger text, a dedicated results team, bigger boards, and faster updates.

Some commentary of performances will be announced, and the commentator will have immediate access to the latest downloaded preliminary results through the on-site computer network and OESpeaker software to keep you in the loop.

Making sure you are at the top of the list and have a faster time than expected - that is all up to you.

(Comparisons based on the TONIC08 and similar events)

Show Profile  Rog Posted: 8 March 2009, 1:27 PM  
Fastest Finish Splits Competition

Selected races at the 2009 New Zealand Orienteering Championships will feature the additional exciting spectator friendly contest of the Fastest Finish Split.

The 2008 North Island Championships saw some great finish splits and highlighted some outstanding performances.

Who will take it out this time at the 2009 National Championships?

More details announced soon. Final details will be in the event programme.

Show Profile  Rog Posted: 8 March 2009, 1:30 PM  
Spot Prizes and Easter Fun

In addition to hundreds of dollars of prizes to be won during the 2009 Nationals Easter Weekend - Lolly scrambles and other Easter treats are being planned - keep an eye out for updates coming soon...

Best Hard Luck Stories Put You in the Draw for Prizes!

The 2009 New Zealand Orienteering Championships organisers want to hear about your hard luck story experienced during the weekend. Spot prizes are up for grabs!

Had a dream run? - make sure you tell us about that too!

- Write us a note
- Talk to the commentators when they are not busy or they ask for stories
- email us
- comment on our website
- or get it back to us by word of mouth.

** We need to know about it so you can be entered into this extra prize draw! **

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 9 March 2009, 5:51 AM  
Do I detect a bit of finger-fatigue in that last post Rog? I recommend some practice on a

Show Profile  Rog Posted: 9 March 2009, 2:31 PM  
Following TONIC08 we had requests that news and updates regarding the event be posted on maptalk in future. These posts are provided here to fulfil that service request.

Show Profile  Rog Posted: 19 March 2009, 8:07 AM  
Only 7 days left before official entries close - 11:00 pm on Thursday 26th March 2009.

Note: Event T-shirts are available in Womens fit and Mens fit. Please specify which you require.

Spot Prizes the have been generously donated include Sony PSP games, Barkers Gift Basket, product samples, vouchers, and more. Details to be placed on the website soon.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 19 March 2009, 8:29 AM  
Man this nationals sounds great, love your approach Rog. Wish that I could make it, hope everyone is amping up for it!!

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 19 March 2009, 8:53 AM  
I apologise for that remark about finger fatigue Rog, that last post on 8 Mar looks like 49wpm. Actually more since typing speeds are supposed to be standardised to 5-character "words". Professional typists are said to average 50-70 wpm so you're right up there!

Seriously, did I see you agreeing that the versions of SI-cards to be accepted by an event should be given? Is it buried somewhere on the website that I have overlooked?

Show Profile  Svend Posted: 20 March 2009, 12:47 PM  
Rog, in your post 8 march you write: "You can view who has entered on the event website. This is updated at least once a week on Fridays"
The last update was on 06 March. That was two weeks ago yesterday.
I like to see if my entry has been received.

Show Profile  Rog Posted: 24 March 2009, 1:07 PM  
Svend, sorry for the delay. We have taken a couple of extra precautions based on experiences during TONIC08. All entries are reviewed by two people before they are presented back on the website. The event team are working on it, and will try to present them as soon as possible.

Michael, I try to avoid the word 'should'. The sportident websites list product compatibilities. The other discussion thread raises some interesting questions.

Show Profile  Rog Posted: 25 March 2009, 3:59 PM  
Fancy Dress Contest

Organisers announce a Fancy Dress Contest will be run during the events - details will be in event programme.

Show Profile  Rog Posted: 25 March 2009, 4:00 PM  
RetrO O-Suit Fashion Parade

Hunt around, Dig out your old O-gear, and make sure you bring it with you, ready for the retrO O-suit fashion parade at one of the events - categories 70s/80s/90s. More details will be in the event programme.

Show Profile  Rog Posted: 25 March 2009, 4:02 PM  
'Lucky Horse' On-site Catering To Be Available

The organisers announce the support of 'Lucky Horse' catering mobile kitchen on all days except Friday. A selection of food items will be available for purchase at the event centre. Details and sample menu will be included in the event programme.

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 26 March 2009, 8:59 AM  
I am so glad that's not the "Unlucky Horse" catering company.

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