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Pre WOC racing

Show Profile  Paul I Posted: 14 August 2007, 2:27 PM  
Just some related light reading I picked from the US team attackpoint entries, especially dedicated to those of you hungry for WOC info but who clearly havn't got as much idle time as myself for such indulgencies ... I hope it is of interest!

Terry: "So far, four team members -- Eric Bone, Victoria Brautigam, and Hillary and Samantha Saeger -- and two supporters -- Greg Balter and I -- have arrived in Kiev for the World Orienteering Championships to take place next week. We are all staying at the Hotel Tourist, which is the WOC event center and is just across the Dnepr River from the center of Kiev. We are staying in style, with two people per room with en suite bath, maid service, reliable hot water, and clean towels every day. Eric and I are on the 22nd floor with a view to the east. Victoria and the Saegers are on the 11th floor and Greg is on the 13th. One set of elevators services only the odd floors, and another set services the even floors, so we've been using the stairs to visit our friends.

The Ukrainian Cup took place this past weekend. Eric and I arrived early enough to take part in Saturday's middle distance race in beautiful open forest on subtle negative terrain. Eric was cruising along well until late in the race, when he made a costly parallel error. We both appreciated the opportunity to orienteer right away after arriving in Ukraine.

Today was a sprint race in a semi-urban park. Greg, Hillary, and Samantha participated as well and Eric and I and many WOC participants from many countries. I don't know our team's results exept that Eric said he was afraid to look at them, not because he'd had a poor race but because he knew he was up against many excellent orienteers. It seemed that not many Western/Northern Europeans had arrived yet, but besides Ukrainians I met Canadians, Australians, Irish, and New Zealanders, and saw results listed for many runners from Eastern European countries.

The rest of the U.S. Team members will be arriving over the coming days, as well as more supporters."

The weather has been warmer and more humid than in Seattle, but not as warm and humid as New York and Boston often are.

Greg Balter:"We had our first O-training today on Bykovnya map, quite good sand dunes terrain, with low spots overgrown with stinging nettles and hidden logs - not much fun to cross - high areas are super runable - well mapped. Eddie has arrived and joined the rest of us for his first run in Kiev 3 hrs after he landed.
Watermelon sumption is on a rize - last 2 days we killed 3 of them and a southern honeydew, visiting Pam, Brent, John T. and Dan helped too. If this trend is going to continue it will cause a significant shortage of above mentioned melons in Ukraine and reintroduction of entry visas for US citizens to keep situation under control.
For details on training follow our training logs "

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 14 August 2007, 2:38 PM  
you got your training on ap yet Paul? or just a forum junkie?

Show Profile  Paul I Posted: 14 August 2007, 3:18 PM  
My present training schedual is too embarassing for general consumption. Currently due to injuries I've been reduced to premature retirement from Oy's and anything that resembles proper training. Even the left knee has packed in so even leg strenghtening and cycling training is of limited capacity. So I am just keeping myself motivated by extreme surfing.
However, don't fret, I will be back.... bigger, stronger, faster.

Noticed the odd kiwi on AP, does it help much?

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 14 August 2007, 4:04 PM  
If you are training those forum training diary's are a great motvation. A few years back Shaun Collins used to collate our training diarys once every few months so we could track culumative training times and weekly efforts. I found it really good.

Attackpoint is pretty popular with the Aussies with many of them using it regualary. I have used attackpoints at times but now stick to a excel spreadsheet / graph thing. I think Greg still uses attack point.

Show Profile  The Clem Posted: 14 August 2007, 6:03 PM  
We sorted out a while back that the hostels here could be a bit dodgy. So we made sure that prior to WOC week we had apartments etc...blah,blah. But some of the teams still opted for hostels e.g the Spanish team. They thought their hostel was a little rough and initially thought it might be a brothel. After a couple of days they're now pretty adament it is. But they're not fussed and reckon its funny. Besides, they reckon the food the hostel is providing is really good. Love their priorities.
Seems the irish are stuck in the hostel tania and Ross were for the first night, they're really wishing they weren't. But they've got a rental car and can escape all the time. The only thing is that you have to be 1 part formula one driver, 2 parts new york Taxi driver and 3 parts mad, to drive like a local around here. The Irsih are going great guns and have only been pulled over once by the police.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 14 August 2007, 6:07 PM  
there must be 10-15 kiwis regularly using attackpoint now, quite a good little community, which I'm sure will get bigger in summer!

Looking forward to these WOC races starting

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 14 August 2007, 7:12 PM  
27 kiwi's currently on AP, some are adventure racing geeks like Brent

Show Profile  Bryn Posted: 15 August 2007, 5:57 AM  
Results are up from weekend,
Day 1)M21e 10km
1 Мухідінов Вячеслав 1:06:18
2 Долгіх Роман 01:10:34
3 Кандибей Євген 01:10:58
5 Ross Morrison 1:13:42
6 Chris Forne 1:14:05
8 Troy de Haas 01:16:21
16 Robert Jessop 1:33:40

w21e 7.8km
1 Рябкина Татьяна 1:00:04
2 Hanny Allston 1:05:48
3 Tania Robinson 1:07:34

Day 2) M21e 7.07km
1 Ушкварок Павел 35:33
2 Julian Dent 36:52
3 Эфимов Роман 37:45

5 Ross Morrison 40:33
6 Chris Forne 40:53
15 Robert Jessop 47:34

1 Рябкина Татьяна 32:11
4 Hanny Allston 40:25
9 Tania Robinson 48:31

Day 3
M21e 2.450 км
1 Troy de Haas 13:55
2 Julian Dent 14:07
6 Ross Morrison 00:14:25
12 Chris Forne 15:18
25 Robert Jessop 17:29

W21e 2.275km
1 Спасюк Марія 14:59
4 Hanny Allston 16:53
6 Tania Robinson 17:16

Show Profile  mal g Posted: 15 August 2007, 7:39 AM  
Great results guys. Keep the info flowing Clem. How did our roles change so easily? One minute Im catching a tan while stuck in a swedish bog = you are in NZ, and then POP!!! I'm back at work and you are in the Ukraine!!!!! What did I miss. Hey I ran at Waiuku at the weekend, expecting lots of mud........:-( I'm going back to sweden. They have real mud!!! Just kidding. Hope Rob keeps his new shoes clean

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 15 August 2007, 7:46 AM  
Looks like a great battle between Ross and Chris, awesome.

And Tan not too far behind Hanny, although something obviously went horribly wrong in the middle

Show Profile  Paul I Posted: 15 August 2007, 2:38 PM  
Great work with the osquad blog Jamie. I heard Hitler was a real ladies man ...its so true, he's also a man's man. What a guy.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 15 August 2007, 3:39 PM  
man paul,a lot of what you ramble on about just goes whooshing straight past this head...

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 15 August 2007, 5:01 PM  
Any cyrillic readers want to help us out with those names at the top of the results? I think I've got Tatyana Riabkina (RUS) winning 2 out of 3 of the womens' and Mukhidinov (UKR?) winning the first mens' race, maybe Ushkvarok (UKR)in the 2nd? All classy classy orienteers on any terrain, so good to see the kiwis (and our noisy neighbours) not far behind, with a bit less local knowledge.

Show Profile  Paul I Posted: 15 August 2007, 6:53 PM  
I'll try less rambling

Show Profile  The Clem Posted: 15 August 2007, 7:16 PM  
The team is slowly warming into WOC. No-one went particularly hard in any of the Ukraine Cup races so everyones happy and will have plenty of gas left in the tank for WOC. This morning is a look at a long/relay area for a bit familiarisation of mapping and terrein. Nothing tiring.
Yeah, Tania says she had a muzzer in the middle Ukraine Cup race. Plenty of relocation training. Her and Hanny ended up running around laughing as upmapped features appeared and disapeared whilst they were running on unmarked tracks.
Also, for any of you that aren't aware the sprint races are reflective of the green steep pieces of the Auckland Domain map. But just imagine those green areas full of nettle and with dodgy bits of rubbish and post era tunnels/holes sprinkled through the undergrowth. So when they said back in 2005 that the WOC sprint in Japan would be the last of it's kind at a WOC, they lied. This is even more green.

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