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Show Profile  Paul I Posted: 9 March 2007, 9:10 PM  
With the countdown to JWOC quickly decreasing I thought I'd put in my 2 cents worth of training advice.... be more prepared than your competition and be watchfull of those aussie tactics. I've been able to desypher a number of special codewords that are being used across the ditch, which we should be aware of, that have been put in place to trip you up or confuse you.


BOTTLE'O': ploy to get runners intoxicated, insisting that a visit to the bottle'O' the day before a big race fine tunes your skills.

SMOK'O': beware of this everyday term. If used very close to a big race it means there has been a (dare I say it) bloody big bushfire and take your survival kit. Finish the course at all costs, remember your training drills.

TOM'O': All kiwis know a tomo is a big hole. Word has it that in 'O'z it it refers to an awesome guy who's name is Tom, who happens to do orenteering.

WACK'O': If entering one of these new forms of 'O', don't race in thier weilding baseball bats and the like, you will be disqualified as the term merely has something to do with Michael Jackson.

DRUG'O': Another trap to catch unaware competitors. These are not special score events, although the concept of party pills could add to spectator enjoyment, Drug'O' is used to discribe a large number of Sydneysiders.

DRONG'O': Someone who misspunches

DICK'O': Definately not some sort of sorded cult orienteering. The word is used when refering to someone who always beats you in under 10 seconds.

AGR'O': How you feel when Drong'O' beats you in a race again, or a Drug'O' beats you in the Bottle'O'.

SCARP'O': Don't be fooled that all your training in the aussie Escarpment terrain will help you, they are simply discussing the German Military Police Training.

ARV'O': This is easily desyphered. Orienteering in the hot afternoon sun. Don't get dehydrated.

DOC'O': Has potential to be a very interesting form of orienteering between doctors and nurses, but unfortunately a Doc'O' is just some lame TV thing.

DING'O": I have yet to make an informed decision on this.

TROP'O': Orienteering event in the Northern Territory where people do weird things like run around in the bush looking for orange flags.

DUNN'O': I initially thought it was related to another great aussie phrase, DUNN'E', but dunno how you could make an interesting O competition in the toilet. I'm still sitting here struggling with this one.

The Japanese are also to be watched closely as they seem to be getting in on the act...
EV'O': The Japs will tell you that this is just a great little boy racer car, when I really know that they mean they plan to hold a special O training event on christmas eve!

Last but not least...
M'O'ZZIE: Beware of this little sucker, he/she is the aussie secret weapon and is apparently a member of the NSW Stingers club!

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 12 March 2007, 10:57 AM  
Brent = Drongo.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 12 March 2007, 11:09 AM




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