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Show Profile  sofieherremans Posted: 7 February 2007, 12:17 PM  
Sunday 11/2

Map: Massey University (for the longer courses: new area added onto map used for Queen's Birthday '06)

Starts between 1 and 3 pm

Bring SI card!

Signposted from Albany Expressway (main gate to Massey University)

4 courses
Course 1: true "Sprint": 2.6 km
Course 2: 4 km Difficult
Course 3: 3 km Difficult
Course 4: 2 km Easy

Fun Kids Orienteering:
For kids aged 3-10 yrs
800 m course on a Simplified O-map
There will be flags set out between controls so depending on their age,kids can either just follow the flags or try and read the map!
The kids will receive a prize after finishing the course

(as this is the first time we organise this, it would be good to have an idea of the number of maps we need to provide, if you are planning to take part in the kids-O please send an email to sofieherATgmailDOTcom so we can provide enough maps)

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