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Chatham Islands 12 and 24 Rogaine

Show Profile  Faavae Posted: 15 January 2007, 1:32 PM  
I have been exploring the concept of running a 12 and 24 hour Rogaine on the Chatham Islands. I have been in contact with the tourism board there and they have been very supportive.
We are in limbo right now as to whether it would be worth running the event - meaning - will it be supported.
Perhaps one major obstacle is cost. The entry fee would be close to $1000. For practical purposes it makes sense if the event is fully catered. This means all meals on the Island are provided and accommodation would also be provided, probably on the Marae. Also included in the cost would be the air flight from CHCH, WGTN or AKLD ($750). The event would be limited to 100 people. The basic concept would be fly over on Friday afternoon and back Sunday. It would only be worth our time, energy and resources if we were sure we could sell the 100 places - sadly, not worth running if only 5-10 people are keen.
The course would be over nearly all the Island and there would be some very local touches to the event that would make it memorable - everyone gets a fresh crayfish at the awards lunch. Tentatively looking at early May 2007. If you think it's an event you'd like to do please indicate your interest on this forum or email me at

Show Profile  rob.g Posted: 22 January 2007, 3:17 PM  
I would have expected some response to this one, but if it is not a goer, Nathan has an awsome looking event later in the year with 3*4 hour rogaines in one day with one hour rests between them. There would be even more starters with a non kayak option, but I'll be there for sure.

Show Profile  Jenni Posted: 22 January 2007, 7:10 PM  
I'm definitely tempted but I'm not sure we can really justify spending that much money on ourselves. Have to send C out to win some more good prize money races maybe...
(Don't get me wrong I think it is a pretty reasonable price for what you're getting. It's just quite a lot of money to spend on a weekend so it would be good to have longer but for me personally, I'm not sure if I have holidays for that. So that's why I hadn't written anything. I did think it sounded great.)

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Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 22 January 2007, 7:50 PM  
I would definitely be keen if the timing was right, five months is quite short notice if people were to make the most of it and stay on for a week or so (would this even be an option or would the flights be chartered?

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 23 January 2007, 8:46 AM  
If I was a shit hot rogainer (instead of shit not-rogainer) I'd be hunting out sponsorship - maybe something like 50% of the entry fee for team naming rights wouldn't be too hard to find? (esp if that's $1000 per pair, not per person?)

Chuck a few really high-pointers on Mangere and Rangatira, and I might just start training and saving =)




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