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Old maps need a home

Show Profile  Selwyn Posted: 9 December 2006, 4:01 PM  
I am clearing up a cluttered house. I have a bundle of aging orienteering maps that will hit the recycle bin in a week (Dec 17th) unless claimed. Most are course maps I ran on. Reply to and I'll sort out how to get any of these to you if you want them.
(1) Central Districts maps from 1977 (Rotoehu) onwards to about 1990. Includes many maps from Taupo, Pinelands, Rotorua, Hamilton, BOP clubs.
(2) Hawkes Bay and Egmont maps: a few from about 1985 to 1996.
(3) Wellington area: early 1980's to about 2000.
(4) Australia tours:1980 and 1982.
(5) USA and Canada 1990.
(6) Sweden 1985 to 1991 including O-ringen 1991.
(7) Hong Kong and Japan (I think) early 1980's: not maps I've run on.

Show Profile  Selwyn Posted: 11 December 2006, 4:35 PM  
All these maps have now been claimed.




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