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The WC Rules competition...

Show Profile  Alistair Posted: 25 November 2006, 12:03 AM  
And the final results seem to be something like:

Nations competition:
B Nations 1 (got 3 places minimum)
A Nations 0 (cut from 10 max to 8 max places)

Rules setting competition:
IOF 2 (bulldozed the FOCs rules into oblivion)
FOC -1 (who not only lost the fight about the minimum 3, but also got slammed by the IOF who dropped the max and re-worked the allocation...)

See (pdf in first item) for details.

Show Profile  Alistair Posted: 20 December 2006, 10:22 PM  
Seems the FOC went into extra time in the Rules setting competition and managed to score on the max-team size which is back to 10 again. (min team size is still 3, although NZ could maybe get 4 if the ranking works out ok... haven't checked)

...but apparently they had to play a bit dirty theatening to quit playing if the IOF didn't let them have some of their "toys" in the sandpit. Fair enough I guess after the IOF really did slam-dunk them hard on more issues than expected.

All rules are here: Cup 2007 Special Rules.pdf

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 21 December 2006, 1:39 PM  
hey Alistair,

From a "B Nation" runner thanks a heap for fighting the stupid proposed rules. Many people may not be aware of the work you've been doing on behalf of us. We didn't know what to do over here and we appreciate having someone over there with a good reputation and contacts. Cheers mate.




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