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2002 Auckland Calendar

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 24 July 2001, 3:48 PM  
The 2002 Auckland calendar is currently in its first draft and it is extremely disappointing to see that yet again there is a severe lack of competition and quality events building up to the nationals at the end of March.

Currently as it stands there are two score events and two standard type events building up to the nationals. I think this is a bit pathetic and a bit of an insult to anyone who wants to take orienteering and the nationals seriously.

I hope that the current situation can be changed.

Fraser Mills

Show Profile  darren Posted: 25 July 2001, 12:14 PM  
Maybe we will have to organise our own training for those who are aiming for success at the Nationals. Half a dozen decent red level training courses (just flags, no timing)can't be to hard to arrange. I'll set one. Any more volunteers??

Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 25 July 2001, 1:11 PM  
I can organise one in Wellington....

With the calendar arrangement being so unhelpful, perhaps you could join your local Harriers Club aswell as your orienteering club. This would give you some alternative races to train for and would no doubt lift your ability to race. It would also lift the profile of orienteering in the running community, maybe resulting in a rise in memberships?

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 25 July 2001, 2:20 PM  
I can't see your point....its only the nationals

Surely all our events should be during the winter to build-up towards WMOC/Australian Champs?

These events have far more importance for far more people.

Show Profile  darren Posted: 26 July 2001, 6:24 AM  
Are the calendars in other parts of the country also lacking in events prior to our most important event?

Jamie, are you trying to be funny or are you just being negative again? I can't understand why you feel our Nationals lacks importance. Its the one event on our domestic calendar that most of the top athletes in all grades turn up to race in.

I do agree with you that the Aussie Champs is a good event to aim for. I'm going this year because I couldn't afford
Finland and next year there is 3 weeks of Orienteering at the end of September, including the Aussie, Sth Aussie, Victorian, Tasmanian Champs. Plus a couple of multidays and the WMOC if your old enough. I'm thinking of heading across for that too, but only after the NZ Nationals in Tekapo.

Show Profile  khaos Posted: 27 July 2001, 7:17 PM  
i can't believe that after so many years of having the nationals early in the year that major associations can't plan their fixtures to take it into account. i think darren's right, for most people it is their biggest race of the year, and the fixtures should reflect this.

at least you've got a nationals - the uk event was cancelled due to foot and mouth. although i've heard they're organising a replacement event on a wicked sanddune map in wales... if only i could remember how to orienteer on sanddunes!


Show Profile  darren Posted: 28 July 2001, 12:37 PM  
Dave, you old dog, sounds like you need to make a trip back Home!?!? to get some practice in sand-dunes. It might be a bit late but the Auckland Champs (Labour weekend) are in awesome low vis Woodhill and the ANZ Challenge in January is on the WMOC maps from last year.
How's life anyway??

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