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Free petrol vouchers for volunteers

Show Profile  Roel M Posted: 8 August 2006, 2:01 AM  
Found in 'Foodnews' - a publication of the FMCG industry:

BP New Zealand has launched the `BP Vouchers for Volunteers’ programme, inviting applications from volunteer organisations for thousands of BP fuel vouchers, reports Scoop. Managing director Peter Griffiths said “Every day thousands of volunteers give up their spare time to help others who are less fortunate – whether by delivering them meals on wheels, driving them to doctor’s appointments or even taking terminally ill patients on day outings.
That makes volunteers a very important part of the fabric of New Zealand society.”
Registered charities or volunteer organisations that rely on voluntary assistance and use vehicles are eligible to apply. Applications close on August 25.

Go for it on:

Show Profile  Martin Posted: 8 August 2006, 2:24 AM  
Clause 2 reads:
The organisation must perform a social or welfare function in the community (eg. sports, environmental or political organisations do not qualify).

So no luck there




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