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Labour Weekend 06

Show Profile  Ellmo1769 Posted: 10 June 2006, 8:57 PM  
Anyone got the scoop on whats going down at Labour weekend and where its going to be??

Show Profile  Martin Posted: 10 June 2006, 9:06 PM  
you'll have to branch out and look at the wellington website. because unlike the rest of the country, wellington STILL haven't put any events onto maptalk events page. I guess they just like to be difficult.

Show Profile  Ellmo1769 Posted: 10 June 2006, 9:20 PM  
I see thanks.

Show Profile  AlanHorn Posted: 12 June 2006, 6:09 AM  
WOA Champs are planned to be at Marangai / Harakeke / Wiritoa
ie the forest / farmland just south of Wanganui

were about to apply to NZOF for A grade status so will follow up with details after that.




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