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No scruples !

Show Profile  mikea Posted: 21 June 2000, 1:07 AM  
Help wanted. I'm off to APOC and want to beat the Aussie's in my grade by fair means or foul. I have no scruples, apart from drugs, so am desperate for suggestions of underarm tactics or ways to cheat. Bribery might be the easiest but will be my last resort because I hate paying Aussie's.

"Spring,Summer,Autumn 'O' yeh!"

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 26 June 2000, 2:15 PM  
A full team Haka was performed just before the start of a major junior relay by the New Zealand team in Australia once. That went down particularly well.

A good way to psych out the Aussies and also gets you remarkably amped!

Show Profile  AndrewT Posted: 27 June 2000, 3:53 AM  
Just make sure you have sorted out any trademark/copyright issues with you local iwi before performing any haka.

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