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Training Weekend of Doom

Show Profile  pcbrent Posted: 16 May 2001, 5:28 AM  
Who is free on the 23-24th of June
There has been some discussion that this could be a good date for "Training Weekend of Doom II"
That is orienteers and keen people alike travel to the beautiful lake taupo or thereabouts and do some sweet as training (running up mountains and the like).
Anyone keen or hard enough?
I understand that this is uni holidays so could even go on for a few more days.
Please let me know before next summer.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 18 May 2001, 3:35 PM  
I'll be there

if my attendance will discourage too many others I won't.

I'm keen for a run from Whakapapa village to Ketetahi at night...finishing at the hot springs at dawn....shorter option from that other carpark.....any takers?

we could go round the mountain for extra length if required.

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 21 May 2001, 3:13 AM  
Sounds like a plan, count me in.

Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 22 May 2001, 4:54 AM  
sounds like a plan, count me in.

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 24 May 2001, 3:37 PM  
sounds like an idiot, looks like an idiot .....

is an idiot

Show Profile  darren Posted: 26 May 2001, 7:37 AM  
I'll be there brent. Is anyone keen on a lap around Ruapehu? or Ngaruhoe if there's too much snow.

Show Profile  darren Posted: 26 May 2001, 7:40 AM  
Oops, that should be Ngauruhoe!

Show Profile  runningbeast Posted: 28 May 2001, 6:25 AM  
I think I may be interested too!

Show Profile  darren Posted: 28 May 2001, 11:53 AM  
There's a 4 hour mtn bike race on in Taupo (all weather pumice track) at Craters of the moon on the Saturday. Individuals (of course) or teams. Starts 9am. Could be a good way to kick off the weekend of doom 2.

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 30 May 2001, 4:46 AM  
Mr Idiot

It is not stating the obvious. There are people who may sound like an idiot (e.g. Neil Kerrison) or look like an idiot (e.g. Jamie Stewart) and I would not class either of these fine upstanding young men as an idiot.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 31 May 2001, 3:01 AM  
...then there are those who make themselves look like an idiot...

Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 31 May 2001, 1:02 PM  
like idiots... Jamie

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 31 May 2001, 11:48 PM  
are you questioning my grammer? ....freak

Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 1 June 2001, 2:54 AM  

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 1 June 2001, 6:56 AM  
Hypocrisy?...well just because I'm a student with plenty of time to waste...

"I have just returned from a local club event, and I have returned a changed man!"
- ",and" like hello? I guess you're going for effect?

"I can't imagine how for so many years I believed our sport of orienteering should be a Summer Sport."
- not to say comma's are never useful.

"Todays thrill of arriving at an event to a wind chill that took the temperature below zero,"
- a wind chill? very expressive, but wrong

"It meant I didn't have to socialise at all with the other competitors, especially the new comers who had come along to there first event and were lucky enough to strike these fantastic conditions!"
- nice sentence! just a few unnecessary words... for example...

"It","meant","at","all","had","come","along","to", "there","first","event" and "and"

- and as for "there", you've got as much chance of coming along to a "there" as you have of arriving "to" a windchill.

just go back and play with your crayons and remember the sound is more important than the grammer...brent edwards for young poet of the year....."you diddlelicker".

Probably the highlight of my day, was the extreme numbness in my fingers, while trying to
copy my course from the master map. That amazing sensation, when the deep purple
colour within your hand turns to a complete blur, due to the constant shaking, is

The best part of all though, is the fact that it forces parents to follow any younger children
around their courses. It is crazy to think you could have these children running alone in
the summertime, where if they got lost a little, there would be no threat from the
conditions. To make them run in the icy winter conditions, so there is a necessity for a
guardian, is surely the only way to keep them safe!

It is wonderful to know that our sport is thriving currently and now I know why. It has been
a long, sunny, beautifully warm summer. But I am so glad the real orienteering was saved
until now so we could truly appreciate it.

By the way, has everyone heard the Otago Champs was cancelled due to snow?

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 1 June 2001, 8:23 AM  
Way to much time on your hands Jamie. Shouldn't you be studying?

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