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Fantasy Super 12

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 3 April 2006, 4:19 PM  
Its just that all my spare time is taken with my 10 a day catching features habit...good to see you having a go there honcho I was worried my days of competing against you were over!

Show Profile  addison Posted: 28 April 2006, 4:51 AM  
Someone else that sucks at Fantasy Rugby is Dave Barr.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 16 May 2006, 9:23 AM  
And the ultimate winner of Fantasy Rugby is ME!!! ME ME ME

Honcho, well played.
Dave, you started with a hiss and a roar but soon came back to reality.
Jamie, you suck for a defending champ.
Everyone else, you suck so much you dont even get a mention!

Show Profile  addison Posted: 16 May 2006, 9:27 AM  
1st Me 3619 points
2nd Honcho 3610
3rd mjd 3471
4th Dave Barr 3182
5th Jager 3154 (did rather well for a soccer poof)
6th Rolf Boswell 3017
7th Flynn 2971
8th Dave McCarthey 2968
9th Noshow 2544
10th Jamie 2474 (you really suck mate sorry to say)
11th Simon Bloomberg 2302 (behind jamie, what can i say!)
12th Bryn 2079
13th O-Baby 1884
14th Aiden Elmers 1246

So after all of that, the prediction of me winning came true. And the prediction of Aiden coming last came true. What can I say?... Bout time you all bloody manned up!

Show Profile  SJ Posted: 16 May 2006, 2:01 PM  
At least a Simon won it. Hmm, Bloomberg was last again, funny that. I worked it out from the players I did have for the last week and I would have scored 3414 in total if I hadn't been invalid.

It's a good game actually, and I will have to play again next year. And kick your butt Addison!




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