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World Orienteering Marathon

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 26 April 2001, 12:59 AM  
World Orienteering Marathon Trophy 2001
La Cerdanya, Catalonia, Spain.
31st August, 1st and 2 nd September 2001

What is an Orienteering Marathon?

An Orienteering Event in teams of two.
Male, Famale and Mixed categories.
A Two-day sporting event.
A specially edited map scale 1.20.000
A two stage event.
Overnight camp with material transported throughout the event.
A mass start.

Training camps and sporting activities: 27 th to 30 th August.

Information and inscriptions:
Checkpoint competition, Apdo 84 , 02080 Albacete Spain.
Fax: 34 967 609 531.

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