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Is the magazine worthwhile?

Show Profile  Dave Barr Posted: 17 April 2001, 7:09 AM  
On perusing the NZOF budget, it ocurred to me that a lot of money is, in my opinion, wasted on the magazine.

We currently have a website, which is completely boring and almost useless for those outside of the administration, and a magazine which is extremely boring.

I think that we would be far better off to pay a talented person such as fraser the magazine editors salary to produce a fine website such as this one with a few other responsibilities (e.g. coaching content).

This could be combined with the official blurb contained on the current NZOF site and mag and would save megabucks in printing costs.

Other advantages would be that with updates every few days instead of every 2.5 months that results etc would be more relevant and coaching information could be more comprehensive.

Also our wonderful photographs would no longer be reduced to grainy black & white images.

P.S. No offence Jim.

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 2 May 2001, 1:46 AM  
I think it would be a good idea to combine at least some of the content from the magazine with the current NZOF website.

However, if in your opinion Dave, you find the current magazine "extremely boring" then putting it online isn't going to help as it will still be the same content. Although the ability to publish articles relating to recent events on the web sooner would definitly make them more relevant.

Every club or major area already produce their own newsletter and most have a website as well. With all this content being produced it would be great to have one central place to access all of it. The NZOF could possibly provide this from their website instead of the magazine.

Then again maybe this should not be a responsibility of the NZOF at all. Maybe their time and money would be better spent promoting and building orienteering in other ways.




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