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Middle Distance

Show Profile  addison Posted: 21 October 2005, 1:10 PM  
Bring on the good old days of maptalk. God I love it. Enough of being PC and trying to make yourself look good by posting gay comments. We want scandal!

Show Profile  Wetfish Posted: 21 October 2005, 1:15 PM  
Don't have a cry Martin. I put my money on Ross this weekend in Ross vs Martin

Ross has class, and class is permanent.

Show Profile  Tane Cambridge Posted: 21 October 2005, 1:24 PM  
I put my money on Ross too

Show Profile  maxwell Posted: 21 October 2005, 1:45 PM  
yeah me too, i love ross, hes sooooooo sexy...

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 22 October 2005, 2:15 AM  
Two things that annoy me:

Vets who enter their usual grade at an event CLEARLY ADVERTISED as a middle distance, then complaining the course was too short. Run up a course or three if you want a longer run. And don't complain that that puts you out of contention for a championship if you don't really care about the concept of middle distance as a different event.

Events where the rules are bent AFTER entries have closed, if I'd known what I was entering was going to be more like a multi-day long, then I might have chosen a different grade or not even bothered. Not that I actually know what I'm running and when today - can someone tell me where I can find a program?

I think the middles at QB this year got it right: I can't remember what Wayne told me exactly, but it was something along the lines of "bugger all the %es in the rules, we just decided to aim for every course to have about a 35 minute time for the fastest grade on that course". I agree that the rules as they were when I last saw them lead to some rediculously short courses for the shortest reds etc, which is why we need either a "35 minute EWT for everyone" rule or a different set of course length % for middles, completely independent of longs. Maybe even a simpler course structure, less grades... Hang on, I think I already said that some time ago...

Show Profile  Martin Posted: 22 October 2005, 2:23 AM  
download from

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 22 October 2005, 2:29 AM  
Yeah, eventually found a link to the cmoc website (oi, Fraser, add it to your club links!) No start times? well I guess I have to get there in time to be ready to run at 1... And the course lengths aren't as bad as I'd pictured from earlier posts in this forum, but at only 600 m longer I could have run elite after all. So please realise I'm now slightly less petulant than in the above post =)

Show Profile  Martin Posted: 22 October 2005, 2:40 AM  
start times are there too - go to events page

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 22 October 2005, 1:03 PM  
Stay on the topic or start your own topic.

My thinking on the topic has evolved to:

Where a club is prepared to run a double middle as the days of old, the winning time could be 30min for all. I'm sure everyone old and young enjoyed the "interval" and where the terrain was not too open a chasing start in the afternoon. Take a look at whether A-Short is needed in this case.

Where a club is NOT prepared to run a double, then my thoughts as above: a 30min win time for elites and juniors, and a long for the rest. The few vets who want a short can probably be fitted into one of the 30min courses.

I think that juniors are probably OK with this, what we need is more vet opinion. Probably not going to get it from Maptalk, but occasionally an oldie pipes up. Svend?

Show Profile  baldy Posted: 24 October 2005, 8:41 AM  
I agree with jeff that a middle distance course should look different to a long course of similar distance on the same map. I also agree with Micheal in his comments about fitness levels being critical to balancing speed and navigation. As I start to crumble away, it has become clear that the ability to succeed in middle events is fitness. Most vets are only ever partially fit as they juggle family, work and injury commitments!

Unfortunately in NZ we don't always have the types of maps required for good technical middle distance races, and some setters don't have a good understanding of the differences between middle and long courses. I for one would not like to see the middle event changed unless it was back to the old short distance format (this has it's own set of problems regarding event management) as I enjoy the opportunity to push as hard as I can technically and physically.
I think that the current format should be retained and setters should try and achieve a 30 to 40 min winning time for all grades bar elite.

As far as the complaint about climb goes, I know that setters where I run are accurate and take great pride in getting their courses right. Get over it.




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