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Waitangi Weekend 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 23 September 2005, 7:39 PM

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 26 September 2005, 12:53 PM  
I see this is down as a Super Series event. Can anyone shed some light on the rest of the Super Series?

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 26 September 2005, 3:38 PM  
Yes Fraser, I'm going to win.

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 30 November 2005, 4:00 PM  
Website update with more race details, entry form out soon!

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 30 November 2005, 4:52 PM

try this if first link not working

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 14 December 2005, 8:49 PM  
Check out up dated, plus entry form

A night in Motel to be won
plus $100 worth of Gift vouchers

Show Profile  andrew b Posted: 31 December 2005, 11:03 AM  
Can you tell me what sort of terrain is at "shirley lake'?

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 31 December 2005, 12:25 PM

Show Profile  bendover Posted: 13 January 2006, 6:50 AM  
does the night in the motel include company?




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