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World Rankings

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 16 August 2005, 3:45 PM  
Have been updated following WOC.

Tania and Rachel are solidly back into the top 100 after sliding off slightly during the year: 65 and 82 respectively. Chris Forne joins the magic hundred with a position of 81.

Another measure of where we stand is the ranking points themselves. 1000 points per event is the average, 1200 is one standard deviation above average, so with four events counting 4000 is a very good level and 4800 is excellent.

Chris is 4888, WELL DONE!
Tania 4744
Darren 4667
Rachel 4584
Karl 4491
Rob J 4036 (this may change as last year's WOC slides off)

Another thing on the Rankings website (via that is interesting but statistically a bit dodgy is a federation league table. Calculated by adding each country's top 20 scores together, this gets down to athletes who don't have 4 scores (like Patrick Kunz who only had one!) In spite of this NZ is 12th in the men and 17th in the women...

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 17 August 2005, 2:49 PM  
Was going to start this thread myself! Here's NZ team members ranking before and after WOC. Everyone's gone up at least a little...

Chris was 119, now 81
Darren 179, 121
Karl 197, 147
Neil 264, 238=
Jamie 295, 250
Brent 339, 326

Tania 111, 65
Rachel 94, 82
Penny 135, 131
Reb 138, 134
Claire 181, 170

If the top few can hold on to that sort of ranking, hopefully we'll get more internationals to our WREs? Maybe even get a bit of a beneficial feedback cycle going?

Show Profile  Jenni Posted: 18 August 2005, 4:53 AM  
Just had a look at the ranking events page as I've not taken much notice of it before but it is actually quite a good way to see whether you're improving. From getting 670 points in Japan (two weeks after I started running again after having Kaia a bit over two months before) I basically added on 100 points at each set of events I did every couple of months so by early July and the WRE in Italy I was up to 1060. I think I actually ran better some of the days at Oringen but there were no WREs there. I'm not sure if I'll be running any more for a while as I'm missing the ones in Denmark shortly by being here in NZ. (Pity I wasn't selected for WOC )

(In any case with my maternity leave over it won't be so easy to do training so I guess I should just get fattened up in preparation for going through another three+ months of morning sickness some time next year!)




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