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The JWOC team

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 20 March 2001, 3:18 PM  
I have heard that David Stewart and James Bradshaw have been selected for the JWOC team.

Does anybody know of any others??

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 24 March 2001, 4:56 AM  
A good journalist (includes web journalists) would use his/her initiative and find out information they may be lacking from an appropriate source ... then they would have an "exclusive" that they could publish.

Perhaps Fraser instead of wondering out aloud you could ask the Convenor of Selctors or JWOC Coach/Manager ...

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 24 March 2001, 6:35 AM  
Mr HeadHoncho,

Maybe if the New Zealand Orienteering Federation that you are in charge of was good at anything else other than holding meetings then we would all know who was in the team.

It seems you would rather keep certain Federation decisions only available to "exclusive" people.

It is such a shame that the President of the New Zealand Orienteering Federation directs so much of his energy in such negative ways with attempts to mock other people's initiatives.

For the record, I have now learnt that David and James are the only ones selected so far, with more trialing at Easter.

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 28 March 2001, 3:49 AM  
Actually Fraser if you showed a bit of initiative I would probably not be so mocking.

Recently I c.c.'d you emails on the Coaching Bonanza and National Championships Prizes which in your wisdom you have decided is not worthy enough news for your website, so I don't really think you can spit the dummy so much when we overlook to tell you that the naming of the JWOC team has been delayed. A scan of your news stories this year show they are mainly race reports on park events so you shouldn't be too surprised that other news isn't coming through to you.

And the fact remains, if you want to find out something, why not pick up the phone or send an email and ask???

Show Profile  pcbrent Posted: 28 March 2001, 9:55 AM  
What do you think Fraser was doing with his first posting?
Why don't you go back and read tour own postings before accusing others of spitting the dummy!

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 29 March 2001, 8:31 AM  
The words, "positive re-inforcement" spring to mind....... can be can be are a good person......we do appreciate you......we believe in are doing a good job.....we are have our attention....

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 29 March 2001, 12:28 PM  
What the fuck has Penny done to you Jamie??

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 30 March 2001, 3:02 PM  
Well even when you are a potential trialist for the JWOC team you still don't find out that you own team mates have been selected.

I felt a little in the dark as one could say, so I understand where Fraser is comming from, I thought he made an honest attempt at trying to find out what is happening to the ever decreasing JWOC team.

Selection in the National Team is a major acheivement and it should have been appropriatly publicised.

I recently received the March issue of NZOF committee newsletter, no mention of members being named in the team. Perhaps the trial missed the deadline for the brief newsletter, but I think it should have been publised somewhere!

Your "in the dark" orienteer.

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