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WOC Japan

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 1 August 2005, 3:36 AM  
Kind of almost not really related to this thread: Fraser, do you get press releases from Robyn Davidson, if not is there an e-address I can send what I'll be sending her, so you can put them in the news page?

cheers, Nic (aka "media-guy")

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 4 August 2005, 11:21 AM  
If Claire hasn't gone to WOC then where the hell is she

Show Profile  The Clem Posted: 4 August 2005, 12:16 PM  
Claire is definely here. Her photo must be in a pile with most of the other nations team photo's, cars, maps, luggage, food...
Nic: I've probably got all of the email addresses you're after and more.
See you in a few days.

p.s. Brent is no longer grumpy, he just smells funny most of the time. Actually, all the boys kinda smell funny.

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 4 August 2005, 1:35 PM  
Its been along time since Brent hasn't smelt funny.

The cat piss shoes and dead mouse incident are just the latest in a long line of smelly sagas.

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 7 August 2005, 6:36 AM  
Karl, Tania and Darren(just) look as if they have all qualified for the middle.

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 7 August 2005, 10:02 AM  
Anyone wanting to fax the team - best idea is to fax the event centre and put a big NZL on it. Number is 0081 536 37 2360

Show Profile  Martin Posted: 7 August 2005, 10:23 AM  
Check out Karl's finish split

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 7 August 2005, 10:36 AM  
Just a little read from british website

It was pretty hot out in the sun today, 28 degrees and more, as the small number of crowds sought shelter under the trees. Luckily the competitors were under the dense tree cover for most of the race. The courses, which Mr. Nanoka had planned, were fair and in two halves. The first half contained longer legs and faster running, followed by a run across some fields, a water point, and then some shorter legs of a more technical nature, before heading to the last control which was a nice climb up to the screaming crowds. The run-in was an impressive up hill through the woods around the assembly and down into the small football pitch finish area. (This arena is the same for the Long qualification too).

Both the Danish and Swedish Team Managers were very happy with the fairness and excellence of this qualifier.
About 1000 runners have entered the spectator races, only about 150 from overseas, so the crowds are small, but hardy. Graham Gristwoods folks were the only GB groupies. The other Brits present being athletes, staff or officials, both event and IOF.
The courses were a little longer than expected, with only Simone Niggli (SUI) 25:45, coming closest to the 25 minute winning time in the women, Thierry Geourgiou 26:28 in the Men's.

The Brits faired modestly with Helen Winskill 6 minutes behind Simone in 8th, Mhairi looked very hot on finishing but qualified by 12 seconds in 14th. First non-qualifier in Mhairis heat was the biggest casualty of the day, Anne-Margrethe Hausken (NOR). She won the sprint in Battersea in May, and she did this after a poor run in the classic. Could it be she needs a bad run to pull out a medal later in the week?

The last women's slot was contraversially left unfilled. Helen Bridle was down as DNS. She will focus on the sprint and classic. But should we, Great Britain, be leaving an empty space in the World Champs? We have the funds to get athletes there and there were only 5 GB ladies out in Japan.

In the men, Ewan "bothy" McCarthy qualified just under 4 minutes behind heat winner Anders Nordberg (NOR) in 12th and a disappointed Oliver [sic] Johnson qualified finished in 13th, 6 minutes down on Thierry. Unfortunately disaster struck Graham Gristwood as he mis-punched a control mid-course, over 100m away from the control he should have punched. This is the only discipline Graham will run at WOC 2005. Initially, the organisers had planned to have B finals but the IOF have axed them, but non-qualifiers will be able to run an unofficial B final as part of the spectator races. (With some teams paying a lot of money to get to WOC 2005, this seems the last they could do).

The Japanse were very happy with their day; two men and two women qualified, much to the crowds enjoyment. I should also mention Sandy Hott Johansen, the Canadian living in Norway who qualified in third - surely the highest ever place for a Canadian in a qualification. Also a surprise in the Mens qualification was Gernot Kershbaumer (AUT) qualifying in second. Lets see if they can repeat these performances in the Final.

Lazy sunday afternoon, procastinating




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