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Wellington Rogaines

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 20 July 2005, 2:45 PM  
The latest edition of the Wellington afterwork rogaines were held tonight on Mt Victoria. Excellent event for just $5. Once everyone had finished the pizza delivery boy arrives with a pizza for each pair.

A great little initiative where half of the income goes towards an easy feed for the competitors. Pretty funny seeing 70 odd people holding onto pizza boxes in the dark and chatting about route choices.

Pizza boy probably thought it was a prank delivering 40 pizzas to the top of Mt Victoria.

Show Profile  mick finn Posted: 21 July 2005, 2:22 AM  
Great work Andrew and Bryn - 2nd place behind Bill Edwards after arriving as everyone started! Obviously no extensive pre-race psychological preparation and visualization techniques were needed, nor route planning. Orienteers did extremely well on the mixed o/rogaine map. Maybe some night champs are in order. With winners getting a free coke with their pizza.

Wondering what the recyclers thought Wed morning seeing 40 pizza boxes stuffed into a small recycle box outside my house.

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 21 July 2005, 2:56 AM  
Probably presumes your partner is away on holiday for the week.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 21 July 2005, 5:11 AM  
Typically quirky Mick Finn story with the results:-)) Orienteering Hutt Valley or RogaineNZ website, link from

Show Profile  Mike Sheridan Posted: 3 August 2005, 1:58 PM  
Don't forget the next event at Whitby on Wednesday 17th August - Details on the rogaining website. Not sure we will run to pizzas but I'm sure you will get exceptional value for money!




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