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Greencoast Rogaine

Show Profile  Ellmo1769 Posted: 25 June 2005, 5:41 PM  
Thanks Neil and Rachel for the awesome rogaine today - I really enjoyed it and I know the others in my team did too. Hope the fundraising went well and you do well in Japan.

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 30 June 2005, 9:23 AM  
There are a couple of videos from last weekends rogaine courtesy of Greg Flynn.

The links are on the front page of this website.

Plus there is another Carnage Hill video. This is courtesy of Ross Morrison.


Show Profile  rob g. Posted: 30 June 2005, 10:42 AM  
Carnage hill will be revisited on the 10th July for the North West OY, so Greg's video camera could be put to good use again. Start times from 10 am, so bring your friends for a bit of fun

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 30 June 2005, 3:43 PM  
Ill be there with bells on.

Haven't broken any bones in a while, must be overdue for next incident.

Show Profile  Alistair Posted: 30 June 2005, 6:53 PM  
Hope all WOC team members will review their travel-accident insurance and priorities before taking part in carnage hill. Not saying you shouldn't do it of course...

If enough of you kill yourselves Dave and I may get a run in Japan. And who'd argue with Clem if he was on last leg on the relay - he's so big the other guys will be running extra kilometres just to get round him ;-)

(seriously though - be careful out there)

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 30 June 2005, 7:42 PM  
Dear Alister

We are being very careful

Neil, while continuing to cut mountain bike tracks for a living now only uses one chainsaw at a time.

Brent, abandoning a dangerous life in the pubs and bedrooms of the North Shore has gone to live, and be pampered by, his grandmother on an island.

Clare, has had one of the big hazards in her life move out (Brent), but still has one small, blunt and deficient instrument she is toying with.

Rachel, is giving Clare advice on the best method to treat weeds without getting callouses on your hands

And the rest of us are leading careful lives (apart from Chris who has added 5 hours a week rollerblading to his training schedule alongside all the cycling...)

Love Jamie




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