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But how big are you?

Show Profile  Bim Jarr Posted: 12 February 2001, 4:38 AM  
One of my offspring (I shall not name him, but he is the largest of the four) said to me that I should look at what goes on on maptalk. So I am. Out of curiosity. As a cynic who thinks that the internet is a mere passing fad. A tempory abberation in the history of humanity.

Having had a look at a few of the threads, I note two things: 1) The same people keep popping up; 2) I don't know who some of the people are, because they hide behind nom-de-plumes. (I think this is a good trick, hiding one's identity, so I have done the same myself).

The thing that I would really like to know is: how many of you contribute, how many read, how often, (and how some of you find time to do any work). I presume that you are able to provide such stats, Fraser.

The reason for this interest is that by knowing how many are in, I can work out how many are out, so to speak, thus knowing the importance of your little coven, and that could have a great bearing on whether I should be in or out, which in turn could influence the content of future editions of a quite wholesome magazine.

Show Profile  Dave Barr Posted: 12 February 2001, 6:41 AM  
Don't you have five children?????

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Show Profile  fraser Posted: 13 February 2001, 6:14 AM  

About five or six people help me with the site on a semi-regular basis. This has been purely their initiative with help ranging from writing articles and contributing photos to site maintenance and recommendations.


I have various statistics which I can give you on readership. Knowing how many and how often is still hard to determine precisely.

Statistics for last week are:

498 Sessions Served (Number of unique visitors)
Average page views per session : 5.71

Visitors included countries such as United States, Canada, Sweden, Czech Republic, Japan, Phillipines.

New Zealanders actually made up less than half the visitors.

Edited by - fraser on 2/13/01 2:15:45 PM

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 13 February 2001, 8:11 AM  
Wooo hoooooo

Jamie, Stu and I must be getting internationally famous for our sharp wit and intellectual humour.

Show Profile  ecurb Posted: 14 February 2001, 1:45 AM  

Any stats on overseas visitors that bother to tune in for a second visit?!!

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