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Oceania Carnival

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 25 January 2005, 11:01 AM  
Bloody hell that was good.

Show Profile  PaulS Posted: 25 January 2005, 12:28 PM  
Good call

Show Profile  PaulS Posted: 25 January 2005, 12:30 PM  
By the way...

I lost
- 2 pairs of dirty dog sunglasses (one had orange lenses, other purple)
- Asics running shoes (white with gold and blue)
- Blue running shorts

If you know where they are please let me know at paulsmith151 at

Show Profile  Greig Posted: 26 January 2005, 8:46 AM  
Also Clare McLennan lost her SportIdent possibly by the carpark at the camp or else in the close carpark on day 5 (Saturday 15th).
Contact me on greig.hamilton at if you have it or know anything about it.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 27 January 2005, 2:33 PM  
And I left a pair of Rudy Projects lying around somewhere...seen them Neil?

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 27 January 2005, 3:50 PM  
I win.

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 9 February 2005, 6:16 AM  
If anyone has any photos from the carnival that can be used in the next Endurance Sport mag please let me know. Email me at fraser @


Show Profile  ericm Posted: 11 February 2005, 2:20 AM  
I've got plenty from the Beer O. It was certainly an endurance event. Do you want these?





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