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Losing Direction

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 6 February 2001, 2:26 AM  

Nice article. In fact, I would go as far to say that you have some talent as a journo. Well done.

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 6 February 2001, 3:04 PM  
Thank you. And thanks for the excellent photo of Karl.

Edited by - fraser on 2/6/01 11:13:56 PM

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 10 April 2001, 4:43 AM  
A thick skin or a psuedoynm, either or...

Back to the beat Renegade Master??

Show Profile  pcbrent Posted: 10 April 2001, 4:08 PM  
Bring it on George, I'm going to mock the shit out of you at nationals!(no not milk Rob)

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 11 April 2001, 2:14 AM  
We get your joke number one..they're just stirring.

...not that it was particularly funny

Interesting article on the build-up to the trials in Europe. My prediction of average seperation between the four over the weekend...Alistair (0) Aaron (+5) Greg (+6) Michal (+6.5)...
Anyone else prepared to stick their neck out with a prediction?

p.s this is not what I want to happen, I would rather Alistair gets his arse kicked for a change and my old friend Michal get his just deserts for hard training and dedication.

Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 11 April 2001, 3:35 AM  
Al 0
Michal +2.25
Aaron +3.5
Greg +3.5

And five bucks on Tiger Woods for a top 4 finish.




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