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decisions decisions

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 11 December 2004, 6:49 AM  
So, I've been waiting in anticipation for WOMAD ever since the last one, and waiting in anticipation for the next Katoa Po after learning it will be the 25th anniversary. Stands to reason then that they'll be on the same weekend.

So, can anyone tell me (reasonable, not Air-Hudson) driving times from New PLymouth to Taupo (3.5 hours maybe?), and also just how crazy I'd have to be to try and do both, and any guidance as to whether I am actually that crazy might also help.

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 11 December 2004, 7:05 AM  
ask Karl and then add an hour.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 11 December 2004, 7:14 AM  
ask Karl and then double, then add an hour and mutiple x0.95 after this -0.6 and times by 1.04. Error is +/- 4hours

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 12 December 2004, 11:30 PM  
3 hours 40 min Nick.

Show Profile  mark Posted: 13 December 2004, 1:19 AM  
I haven't had a single speeding ticket in the last five years.
I don't think I've even been pulled over in the last couple of years.

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 13 December 2004, 5:15 AM  
James and I did this once, just avoid going in a straight line. On the map it looks great but the 40km long gravel section got a little boring after a while.

We did it in about 4.5 hours, but if you head further north then back to Taupo it would be about 3.5hrs.

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 13 December 2004, 9:03 AM  
Please allow me to elaborate in Karls absence. I grew up 2 hours drive from Taupo and 1 hr 40 min from New Plymouth. Hence 3 hours 40. The suggested route is North on State Highway three, to The eight mile junction, then accross to Atamuri Dam and down Pohipi Rd to Taupo. I trust you can figure it out using a map.


Show Profile  mark Posted: 14 December 2004, 12:46 AM  
Surely the bonus of 40km of gravel is worth the extra hour.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 14 December 2004, 12:47 AM  
Cars have got faster (and roads straighter) since you were a lad Neil.

Probably about 3.35

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 14 December 2004, 4:13 AM  
Not Nick's car




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