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Training before Kaweka

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 8 December 2004, 3:02 PM  
Is there anyone keen for some o training in HB the couple of days before Kaweka (If we can arrange some maps etc)


Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 10 December 2004, 7:44 AM  
Whilst everyone was out running up mountains last week a group of us went training at Waitarere. I put some of the maps and exercises on the web if anyone is keen to have a look.

I also placed some maps snippets from the WOA Champs on the web, just the Mens and Womens elite courses.

Take advantage of Greg's offer to coordinate training. People don't step up very often to organise training opportunities. Greg has already put a weekend on this year which sounded pretty good. We seem to have a fixation of going to events every weekend but seldomly turning these weekends into training. Every weekend doesn't have to be a race, but I guess Chris would beg to differ !. Guess Greg learnt something in Sweden.


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